1st Edition

Intra-Africa Migrations Reimaging Borders and Migration Management

    230 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    230 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book discusses regional and continental integration in Africa by examining the management of migration across the continent. It examines borders and securitisation of migration and the challenges and opportunities that arise out of reconfigured continental demographics.

    The book offers insights on intra-Africa migrations and highlights how intra-continental migration creates socio-economic and cultural borders. It explores how these borders, beyond the physical boundaries of states, including the Berlin Conference-constructed borders, create cultural divides, challenges for economic integration and cross-border security, and irregular migration patterns. While the movement of economic goods is valued for regional economic integration, the mobility of people is seen as a threat. This approach to migration contradicts the intentions of true integration and development, and triggers negative responses such as xenophobia that cannot be addressed by simply managing the physical border and allowing free movement. This book engages in a pivotal discussion of these issues, which are hitherto missing in African border studies, by demonstrating the ubiquity and overreaching influence of various kinds of borders on the African continent.

    With multidisciplinary contributions that provide an in-depth understanding of intra-Africa migrations and strategies for enhanced migration management, this book will be a useful resource for scholars and students studying geography, politics, security studies, development studies, African studies and sociology.

    Part 1: Intra-Africa Migrations

    1. Intra-Africa Migrations: An Introduction

    Inocent Moyo, Jussi P. Laine and Christopher Changwe Nshimbi

    Part 2: Intra and Inter-Africa Migrations and Implications

    2. Greener Grasses on the Other Side: The Border as a Facilitator of Migration Within West Africa

    Allwell Oseahume Akhigbe

    3. Unravelling the Nigerian Irregular Migration Quandary to Southern Europe in the Twenty-First Century

    Efetobor Stephanie Effevottu

    4. Irregular Emigration of Nigeria Youths: An Exploration of Core Drivers from the Perspective and Experiences of Returnee Migrants

    Okunade Samuel Kehinde

    5. Human Mobility in the Southern African Development Community Region: Some Best Practices for Migration Management From the European Union

    Mandisa M.S Makhathini, Inocent Moyo and Christopher Changwe Nshimbi

    Part 3: African Physical and Symbolic Borders and the Migration Question

    6. Precarity of Borders and Migration Regimes in the Southern African Region

    Inocent Moyo and Jussi P. Laine

    7. Stereotyping and Regional Integration in the East African Community: Challenges and Opportunities

    Patricia Ouma

    8. The Maghreb and Intra-African Migration: One Challenge and Different Strategies

    Said Saddiki

    9. Integration, Borders and Migration in West Africa: Lessons from European Schengen Area

    Ernest Toochi Aniche

    Part 4: Migration Governance in Africa: Prospects, Contests and Controversies

    10. Migration, Governance, and Geopolitical Conflicts in Africa: A Comparative Analysis of the Moroccan Algerian Migration Policies

    Mohammed Ouhemmou

    11. Regional integration in Africa and the Welfare of Intra-African Migrants

    Christal O. Spel

    Part 5: Reimaging Borders and Migration Management in Africa

    12. Reimaging Borders and Migration Management in Africa

    Inocent Moyo, Christopher Changwe Nshimbi and Jussi P. Laine


    Inocent Moyo is a Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Zululand, South Africa. He researches borders, migration, development and regional integration, urban and cross border informal economies with a focus on Africa in general and the Southern African Development Community region specifically.

    Jussi P. Laine is an associate Associate professor Professor of multidisciplinary border studies at the University of Eastern Finland and holds the title of Docent of Human Geography from the University of Oulu, Finland. Currently, he also serves as the President of the Association for Borderlands Studies.

    Christopher Changwe Nshimbi is Director and DST/NRF (Department of Science and Technology/National Research Foundation) Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation, University of Pretoria. His current research focuses on migration, borders, regional integration, the informal economy and water resources management.