1st Edition

Intra-Uterine Insemination Evidence Based Guidelines for Daily Practice

Edited By Ben Cohlen, Willem Ombelet Copyright 2014
    220 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Intra-uterine insemination (IUI) is a widely used fertility treatment for couples with unexplained and male subfertility. Although it is less invasive and less expensive as athan several other treatment options, than in vitro fertilization, severalsome points about the factors affecting its outcomeIUI remain controversial and there remains concern about some of the possible aspects of treatmentside-effects, such as an increase in multiple pregnancy rates. This is a comprehensive evidence-based book from an international IUI expert team, with guidelines for daily practice clearly stated and summarized for readers’ convenience.

    General Introduction to Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) as a Treatment for Subfertility: The Impressions of an Old-Timer
    Egbert te Velde
    Diagnostic Work-Up before IUI
    Janne-Meije van Weert, Harold Verhoeve, and Ben Willem Mol
    When to Start IUI?
    Pieternel Steures and Jan Willem van der Steeg
    Indications for IUI
    Ben Cohlen and Hasan N. Sallam
    Immunologic Male Infertility
    Benny Verheyden
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Female Age
    Felicia Yarde and Frank J.M. Broekmans
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Male Age
    Michael de Brucker and Herman Tournaye
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Weight Influences
    John C. Petrozza, Irene Dimitriadis, and Pratap Kumar
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Semen Quality
    Willem Ombelet, Nathalie Dhont, and Thinus Kruger
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Semen Preparation Techniques
    Martine Nijs and Carolien M. Boomsma
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Time Interval as a Prognostic Factor
    Roberto Matorras, Olga Ramón, Beatriz Corcostegui, Lorena Crisol, and Antonia Exposito
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Number of Cycles to Perform
    Inge M. Custers
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Perifollicular Flow and Endometrial Thickness
    Geeta Nargund, Vasileios Sarafis, and Stuart Campbell
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Timing and Number of Inseminations per Cycle
    Astrid E.P. Cantineau and Ben Cohlen
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Site of Insemination in Therapeutic Donor Insemination
    Femke P.A.L. Kop
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Immobilization after IUI
    Inge M. Custers
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Ovarian Hyperstimulation
    Ben Cohlen, Rosa Tur, and Rosario Buxaderas
    Factors Influencing IUI Outcome: Luteal Phase Support
    Ahmet Erdem
    Fallopian Sperm Perfusion: Evidence on IUI versus Fallopian Sperm Perfusion
    Willem Ombelet, Arne Sunde, and Jarl A. Kahn
    Media Supplements: Platelet Activating Factor Improves Sperm Motility and IUI Outcomes
    Linda M. Street, Bonnie Patel, and William E. Roudebush
    Oxidative Stress and IUI Outcomes
    Alaa Hamada, Ashok Agarwal, and Sergio Oehninger
    Cost-Effectiveness of IUI
    Lobke M. Moolenaar, Ben Willem Mol, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis
    Minimal Standards and Organization for Donor Sperm Banking
    Nicolás Garrido and Antonio Pellicer
    Indications for Donor Sperm Including Lesbian Couples and Single Women
    Anne Brewaeys
    IUI and Psychological Aspects
    Chris Verhaak and Jacky Boivin
    Risk Factors for Higher-Order Multiple Pregnancies Following Stimulated IUI
    Alexandra J. Bensdorp, Ben Willem Mol, and Fulco van der Veen
    Prevention of Multiple Pregnancies after IUI
    Diane de Neubourg, Jan Bosteels, and Thomas D’Hooghe
    Perinatal Outcome after IUI
    Willem Ombelet and Petra de Sutter
    IUI-Associated Infection Risks and Preventative Measures
    Carin Huyser
    Cancer and Semen Preservation
    Roelof Menkveld
    Preconception Gender Selection: Laboratory Aspects
    Lars Björndahl
    Preconception Sex Selection: Ethical Evaluation
    Guido Pennings
    Factors Affecting the Success of IUI: Implications for Developing Countries
    Hasan N. Sallam
    SWOT Analysis of Accessible IUI in Developing Countries, Resource-Poor Settings, and Primary Care Centers
    Willem Ombelet and Sheryl Vanderpoel
    Summary: Levels of Evidence of All Statements
    Summary: Grade of Strength of All Recommendations


    Ben Cohen, Willem Ombelet