1st Edition

Introducing Research and Data in Psychology A Guide to Methods and Analysis

By Ann Searle Copyright 1999

    Introducing Research and Data in Psychology shows how research design and data analysis are attainable and useful skills. It introduces both experimental and non-experimental methods of research and the analysis of data using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The uses, interpretation and calculation of common two sample statistical tests are explained. This comprehensive textbook includes the following designed features to help with technique:
    * Practice exam answers to show how to achieve a higher grade
    * Chapter summaries
    * Glossary
    * Case studies and examples
    * Exercises and a full bibliography

    Introduction Section One Preliminaries Section Two Preliminaries Case studies, Conducting a case study, Interviews, Correlational research, Common uses of the correlational method, Summary table of methods of investigation, Qualitative and quantitative methods Section Three Designs used in research Section Four Sampling Section Five The experiment as a social situation Section Six Reliability Section Seven Controlling variables Section Eight Ethnocentric, cultural and androcentric biases Section Nine Presentation of data in reports Section Ten Section Eleven Tests of statistical inference Section Twelve Tests for data at the nominal level Section Eleven Ranking Section Fourteen Interpreting qualitative research Section Fifteen Writing reports Section Thirteen Methods & Results Section Sixteen: Study aids


    Ann Searle