2nd Edition

Introducing Social Policy

By Cliff Alcock, Guy Daly, Edwin Griggs Copyright 2008
    ISBN 9781405858489
    572 Pages
    Published June 19, 2008 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138467132
    572 Pages
    Published August 21, 2017 by Routledge

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    The completely revised second edition of this highly respected textbook provides a comprehensive yet digestible and accessible introduction to the theoretical foundations, development and crucial areas of contemporary concern in social policy and welfare. Fully up to date, it provides a concise but thorough overview of the context for the provision of social welfare in contemporary Britain and beyond. Providing an integrated framework to highlight the relationships between theory, policy and practice, Introducing Social Policy examines social policy from a multi-disciplinary perspective. It therefore encourages a broad understanding of the importance of the subject within social policy itself, as well in social work, healthcare, education and beyond.

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    1. Introduction – What is Social Policy?
    Introduction to Part 1
    Part 1: Historical development of welfare
    2. Welfare before the state
    3. The Welfare State Years: Consensus and Conflict
    Concluding comment to Part 1
    Introduction to Part 2
    Part 2: Contemporary welfare
    4. A ‘crisis’ of the welfare state
    5. Making Policy
    6. The Governance of Social Policy
    7. Welfare within a Fragmented State - Devolved Social Policy
    8. Paying for welfare
    Concluding comment to Part 2
    Introduction to Part 3
    Part 3: Theorising and Researching Welfare
    9. Political theory, the state, and welfare
    10. Ideology, the state and welfare in Britain
    11. Doing Social Research
    Concluding comment to Part 3
    Introduction to Part 4
    Part 4: Welfare themes
    12. Health Policy
    13. Social Care
    14. Housing Policy
    15. Education
    16. Work and Employment Policy
    17. Pensions Policy
    18. Family Policy
    19. Social Divisions and Equal Opportunities Policies
    20. Crime and Criminal Justice
    21. The Living Environment
    22. International Social Policy: Globalisation And The European Union
    Concluding comment to Part 4

    Glossary of terms

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