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Investigating Town Planning Changing Perspectives and Agendas

Investigating Town Planning: Changing Perspectives and Agendas

1st Edition

By Clara Greed
July 17, 1996

Following on from Introducing Town Planning andImplementing Town Planning, this third volume in the series examines the scope and nature of modern town planning in greater depth. It investigates the theories and preoccupations which inform the current planning agenda, compares this with earlier ...

Introducing Urban Design Interventions and Responses

Introducing Urban Design: Interventions and Responses

1st Edition

By Clara Greed, Marion Roberts
January 08, 1998

Introducing Urban Design: Interventions and Responses is a new departure in the town planning series under the editorship of Clara Greed. The dynamic new subject and profession of urban design straddles the fields of town planning, architecture, landscape architecture and transport planning. This ...

Approaching Urban Design The Design Process

Approaching Urban Design: The Design Process

1st Edition

By Marion Roberts, Clara Greed
July 23, 2001

This companion to Introducing Urban Design: Interventions and Responses shows how the principles and concepts of urban design can be applied and implemented in a range of real-world settings....

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