1st Edition

Introduction to Air Transport Economics From Theory to Applications

By Bijan Vasigh Copyright 2008

    Introduction to Air Transport Economics: From Theory to Applications uniquely merges the institutional and technical aspects of the aviation industry with their theoretical economic underpinnings. In one comprehensive textbook it applies economic theory to all aspects of the aviation industry, bringing together the numerous and informative articles and institutional developments that have characterized the field of airline economics in the last two decades as well as adding a number of areas original to an aviation text. Its integrative approach offers a fresh point of view that will find favor with many students of aviation. The book offers a self-contained theory and applications-oriented text for any individual intent on entering the aviation industry as a practicing professional in the management area. It will be of greatest relevance to undergraduate and graduate students interested in obtaining a more complete understanding of the economics of the aviation industry. It will also appeal to many professionals who seek an accessible and practical explanation of the underlying economic forces that shape the industry.

    Contents: Preface; The evolving air transport industry; Principles of economics; Market demand analysis and demand and supply for airline services; Cost and production analysis: the general concepts; Aviation infrastructure: operations and ownership; International economics and aviation; International aviation: open skies and global alliances; Market structure and monopolistic markets; Hybrid market structure and the aviation industry; Aviation forecasting and regression analysis; Pricing policy and revenue management; Low cost, start-up airlines: a new paradigm; The economics of aviation safety and security; Index.


    Bijan Vasigh