1st Edition

Introduction to Computational Mathematics An Outline

By William C. Bauldry Copyright 2022

    This unique outline covers topics as an introduction to computational mathematics in outline form, much like the classic series of outlines many mathematicians and students recall and have used. This modern version includes many links to external web sources, and homework exercises. It also offers TI calculators’ arithmetic model as a case study and a set of student projects.

    This outline is self-contained. It is useful for online instruction, self-study, home study, as well as in-class use. This approach can be used for mathematics, computer science, and mathematics education majors to introduce numerical computations.

    Topics include:

    •Computer arithmetic
    •Control Structures
    •Numerical Differentiation
    •Root finding algorithms
    •Numerical Integration
    •Polynomial Interpolation

    I. Computer Arithmetic
    II. Control Structures
    S I. Special Topics: Computation Cost and Horner's Form
    III. Numerical Differentiation
    IV. Root Finding Algorithms
    S II. Special Topics: Modified Newton's Method
    V. Numerical Integration
    VI. Polynomial Interpolation
    S III. Case Study: TI Calculator Numerics
    VII. Projects
    VIII. References


    William C. Bauldry, Prof. Emeritus and Adjunct Research Prof. at Appalachian State University, received his PhD in Approximation Theory from Ohio State. He has published many papers on pedagogy and technology, often using Maple, and has been the PI of several NSF-funded projects incorporating technology and modeling into math courses. He currently serves as Associate Director of COMAP’s Math Contest in Modeling (MCM). He is the co-author (with William P. Fox) of Advanced Problem Solving with Maple: A First Course and Advanced Problem Solving Using Maple, both by CRC Press.