1st Edition

Introduction to Fuzzy Systems

By Guanrong Chen, Trung Tat Pham Copyright 2006
    330 Pages 124 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

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    Introduction to Fuzzy Systems provides students with a self-contained introduction that requires no preliminary knowledge of fuzzy mathematics and fuzzy control systems theory. Simplified and readily accessible, it encourages both classroom and self-directed learners to build a solid foundation in fuzzy systems.

    After introducing the subject, the authors move directly into presenting real-world applications of fuzzy logic, revealing its practical flavor. This practicality is then followed by basic fuzzy systems theory. The book also offers a tutorial on fuzzy control theory, based mainly on the well-known classical Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers theory and design methods. In particular, the text discusses fuzzy PID controllers in detail, including a description of the new notion of generalized verb-based fuzzy-logic control theory.

    Introduction to Fuzzy Systems is primarily designed to provide training for systems and control majors, both senior undergraduate and first year graduate students, to acquaint them with the fundamental mathematical theory and design methodology required to understand and utilize fuzzy control systems.

    Each chapters ends with a problem set
    Fuzzy Set Theory:
    Classical Set Theory
    Fuzzy Set Theory
    Interval Arithmetic
    Operations on Fuzzy Sets:
    Fuzzy Logic Theory
    Classical Logic Theory
    The Boolean Algebra
    Multi-Valued Logic
    Fuzzy Logic and Approximate Reasoning
    Fuzzy Relations
    Some Applications of Fuzzy Logic
    Product Quality Evaluation
    Decision Making for Investment
    Performance Evaluation
    Miscellaneous Examples
    Fuzzy Rule Base and Fuzzy Modeling
    Fuzzy Rule Base
    Fuzzy Modeling
    Fuzzy Control Systems
    Classical Programmable Logic Control
    Fuzzy Logic Control: A General Model-Free Approach
    Fuzzy PID Control Systems
    Conventional PID Controllers
    Fuzzy PID Controllers (Type 1)
    Fuzzy PID Controllers (Type 2)
    Fuzzy PID Controllers: Stability Analysis
    Computational Verb Fuzzy Controllers
    Computational Verbs and Verb Numbers
    Verb Rules and Verb Inference
    Computational Verb-Based Fuzzy PID Controllers


    Guanrong Chen, Trung Tat Pham