1st Edition

Introduction to Gauge Field Theory Revised Edition

By D. Bailin, Alexander Love Copyright 1993
    384 Pages 187 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    384 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Introduction to Gauge Field Theory provides comprehensive coverage of modern relativistic quantum field theory, emphasizing the details of actual calculations rather than the phenomenology of the applications.
    Forming a foundation in the subject, the book assumes knowledge of relativistic quantum mechanics, but not of quantum field theory. The book is ideal for graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and researchers in the field of particle physics.

    Path integrals. Path integrals in non-relativistic quantum mechanics. Classical field theory. Quantum field theory of a scalar field. Scattering amplitudes. Feynman rules for theory. Renormalisation of theory. Quantum field theory with fermions. Gauge field theory. Feynman rules for quantum chromodynamics and quantum electrodynamics. Renormalisation of QCD and QED at one-loop order. QCD and asymptotic freedom. Spontaneous symmetry breaking. Feynman rules for electroweak theory. Renormalisation of electroweak theory. Grand unified theory. Field theories at finite temperature. Appendices.


    David Bailin, Alexander Love