1st Edition

Introduction to Interactive Digital Media Concept and Practice

By Julia Griffey Copyright 2020
    204 Pages 112 Color & 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    204 Pages 112 Color & 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    204 Pages 112 Color & 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This book offers a clearly written and engaging introduction to the basics of interactive digital media.

    As our reliance on and daily usage of websites, mobile apps, kiosks, games, VR/AR and devices that respond to our commands has increased, the need for practitioners who understand these technologies is growing. Author Julia Griffey provides a valuable guide to the fundamentals of this field, offering best practices and common pitfalls throughout. The book also notes opportunities within the field of interactive digital media for professionals with different types of skills, and interviews with experienced practitioners offer practical wisdom for readers.

    Additional features of this book include:

    • An overview of the history, evolution and impact of interactive media;
    • A spotlight on the development process and contributing team members;
    • Analysis of the components of interactive digital media and their design function (graphics, animation, audio, video, typography, color);
    • An introduction to coding languages for interactive media; and
    • A guide to usability in interactive media.

    Introduction to Interactive Digital Media will help both students and professionals understand the varied creative, technical, and collaborative skills needed in this exciting and emerging field.


          Why Learn About Interactive Digital Media?

          How this Book is Organized


    1. What is Interactive Digital Media?


          What Makes Interactive Digital Media Different from Other Forms of Media?

          Forms of Interactive Digital Media

          Developing Interactive Digital Media

          Essential Skills for the Interactive Digital Media Developer

          The Impact of Interactive Digital Media

          Career Opportunities in Interactive Digital Media

          Practitioner Interview—Heidi McDonald

          Discussion Questions


    2. History of Interactive Digital Media


          Origins of the Computer

          Evolution of the Computer

          The Computer Gets Personal

          The Graphical User Interface

          Video Games

          The Birth of the Internet

          Growth of the Internet

          The Birth of the World Wide Web


          Web 2.0

          Interactive Digital Media in the 2010s and Beyond

          Practitioner Interview—Elizabeth (Jake) Feinler

          Discussion Questions

    3. The Interactive Digital Media Development Process and Team


          Team Members

          Pitching the Project

          The Development Process

          Practitioner Interview—Tim Frick

          Discussion Questions

    4. Fundamental Components of Interactive Digital Media


          Analog vs. Digital Media

          Bits and Bytes

          File Formats

          Analog to Digital

          The Pros of Digital Media


          Description vs. Command-Based Encoding of Media

          Color on the Screen

          Practitioner Interview—Chris Cox

          Discussion Questions

    5. Media Content



          Pixel-based Images

          Vector-based Images

          2D Animation

          3D Graphics and Animation


          Video in Interactive Digital Media


          Practitioner Interview—Ana Monte

          Discussion Questions


    6. Aesthetics in Interactive Digital Media




          Layout Principles

          Practitioner Interview—Brian Lucid

          Discussion Questions


    7. Authoring Interactive Digital Media


          Multimedia Authoring

          Making Video Games: Casual and Console

          Building Apps

          Building Interactive Media for Performance and Public Spaces

          Building Websites

          Practitioner Interview—Jans Carton

          Discussion Questions


    8. Usability


          Why Good Usability is Important

          Achieving Good Usability in Every Phase

          Guidelines for Good Usability

          Guidelines for Fun

          Usability and Play Testing

          Practitioner Interview—Julie Gaieski

          Discussion Questions




    Julia Griffey, M.A., M.F.A., is a creative technologist, entrepreneur and associate professor of interactive digital media at Webster University in St. Louis, MO. At Webster, she teaches a variety of courses within the realm of interactive media design/development and its intersection with marketing, promotion and online business. When not teaching, Griffey builds apps and websites and runs her own creative online businesses.