1st Edition

Introduction to International Migration Population Movements in the 21st Century

Edited By Jeannette Money, Sarah Lockhart Copyright 2021
    392 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    392 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Introduction to International Migration introduces students to state-of-the-art knowledge on international migration, a contemporary issue of central importance to virtually all countries around the globe. Original chapters by prominent women migration scholars cover a complex and multifaceted issue area including various types of migration, the mechanisms of migration governance, the impact of migration on both host and home societies, the migrants themselves in a transnational space, and the nexus between migration and other aspects of globalization. Key topics include labor, gender, citizenship, public opinion, development, security, climate, and ethics. Refugee flows are tracked from beginning to end. Photos, figures, text boxes with real-world examples, discussion questions, and recommended readings provide pedagogical structure for each chapter. Intended as a core text for courses on migration and immigration and a supplement to more general courses in global studies, this book is appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate students in the variety of disciplines that deal with the challenges of international migration.

    Special Features

    • Consistently structured original chapters by notable scholars include an Introduction, Empirical Overview, Theoretical Evolution, Continuing Issues, and Summary for every chapter.
    • Chapter pedagogy includes Discussion Questions, Suggested Readings, and References as well as a Data Appendix for the book.
    • Photos with thematic captions and Text Boxes on hot topics round out the visual and substantive appeal of the text.

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    Jeannette Money and Sarah P. Lockhart 

    Part I: Why, Where, and How People Move, and How States Respond 

      1. International Migration: Patterns and Theories

      Melanie Kolbe 

      2. National Migration Governance: Admissions and Enforcement

      Alexandra Filindra, Beyza Büyüker, and Mine Tafolar 

      3.  The Migration Industry: Human Smuggling and Human Trafficking

      Sarah P. Lockhart and Briana Boland 

      Part II: Forced Migration, Voluntary Migration, and Gender Dimensions 

      4 . Forced Migration and Refugee Flows 

      Lamis Abdelaaty and Rebecca Hamlin

      5. Labor Migration: High-Skilled, Low-Skilled, and Temporary

      Anna Boucher and Lucie Cerna 

      6.  Gendered Migration: A Gender Perspective on International Migration and Migration Politics

      Saskia Bonjour and Laura Cleton 

      Part III: Immigrants in the Host State

      7. Migration and Public Opinion 

      Claire L. Adida 

      8. Immigrant Incorporation

      Terri Givens, Ayca Arkilic, and Elizabeth S. Davis 

      9. Immigrants and Citizenship 

      Sara Wallace Goodman 

      Part IV: New Migration Challenges 

      10.  Migration and Development

      Margaret E. Peters 

      11. Migration and Security 

      Fiona B. Adamson 

      12.  Environmental Change and Migration

      Ingrid Boas and Hanne Wiegel 

      Part V: Governance and Migrant Rights 

      13. International Migration Governance 

      Jeannette Money 

      14. The Paradox of Migrant Rights 

      Lisa Simeone 

      15. The Ethics of Migration

      Sarah Song 


      Jeannette Money and Sarah P. Lockhart  



      Jeannette Money is Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Davis.

      Sarah P. Lockhart is Associate Professor of Political Science at Fordham University.

      Praise for Introduction to International Migration

      "By systematically incorporating analysis of migration dynamics within the Global South, this textbook goes beyond comparison of migration to developed countries of Europe and North America typical of most books assigned in migration studies courses. The book’s global scope is matched by a depth of analysis achieved with tightly coordinated thematic chapters written by top scholars in their respective areas of expertise—a truly impressive feat. While a great choice for upper level undergraduate courses, graduate students will also appreciate the expert overview that is foundational to more focused study and research."

      Rey Koslowski, State University of New York at Albany

      "By combining a stellar line-up of contributors with expert, accessible, and engaged analysis of key issues, this book is a one-stop and must-read source for students of international migration."

      Andrew Geddes, European University Institute

      "An invaluable contribution to the literature, Introduction to International Migration remedies a long-standing gap in textbook options by providing thematic chapters rather than concentrating on countries. Contributors provide accessible overviews of major theoretical claims, providing a framework around which instructors can customize their courses. Each chapter also includes an assessment of cutting-edge trends, upon which researchers can build."

      Audie Klotz, Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, Syracuse University 

      "Much as a buffet allows the diner to experience many dishes, Introduction to International Migration offers readers a taste of migration studies’ many subfields. Jeannette Money and Sarah P. Lockhart assemble top experts to provide concisely written, easily navigable overviews of knowledge in their respective subject matters. The result is a tour d'horizon of one of the world's most important phenomena."

      Justin Gest, George Mason University 

      "This collection brings together many of the best migration scholars and provides a fresh perspective of the state of the art in research about one of the greatest public policy challenges of our time. It should be essential reading for students and scholars of international migration."

      Eiko Thielemann, London School of Economics and Political Science

      "This comprehensive textbook is more than a compilation of intelligent chapters by an accomplished group of women experts across the globe. The breadth of topics and the global scope of the coverage are refreshing, and the consistent consideration of long-neglected topics and regions like human trafficking, the migration industry, high-skilled labor, or migration in the Global South make this compendium timely and unrivaled. In its entirety, the volume represents a thought-provoking and nuanced perspective to the major issues evoked by population movements in world politics today. Its commitment to scholarly research and empirical developments is beautifully peppered with original analyses. The editors’ effectiveness in streamlining the chapters along critical discussion questions and theoretical contexts provides for a definitive ‘go-to’ reference guide for both early and even more advanced migration students."

      Gallya Lahav, State University of New York at Stony Brook