3rd Edition

Introduction to International Relations, An

By Philip Alan Reynolds Copyright 1994
    358 Pages
    by Routledge

    358 Pages
    by Routledge

    A classic textbook on international relations updated to take account of recent research and the consequences of the end of the cold war. Covers both foreign policy analysis and the international environment. Introduces students to methodology and international relations and looks at the important role now played by multinational corporations and at the independences that have formed in the last two decades.

    Part 1 Introduction:
    1. What Is International Relations?.

    Part 2 Micro-international relations:
    2. The Actors.
    3. Foreign Policy as the Pursuit of the National Interest.
    4. Influences on Foreign Policy-making - The Domestic Environment.
    5. Influences on Foreign Policy-making - the International Environment,
    6. Means of Achieving Objectives.
    7. The Processes of Policy-making.

    Part 3 Macro-international relations:
    8. International Systems.
    9. State Systems.
    10. Behavioural Systems.
    11. System Transformation.

    Part 4 Micro-macro linkages:
    12. The Micro-macro Conceptualisation.
    13. Some Other International Relations Conceptualisations.

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    Philip Alan Reynolds