1st Edition

Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)

By Ahmed Banafa Copyright 2023
    78 Pages 23 Color & 2 B/W Illustrations
    by River Publishers

    78 Pages 23 Color & 2 B/W Illustrations
    by River Publishers

    This book introduces the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the convergence of connecting people, things, data and processes; it is transforming our life, business and everything in between. By 2025, experts forecast that up to 75 billion devices will be connected to the Internet with only one third of them being computers, smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. The remaining two thirds will be other "devices" – sensors, terminals, household appliances, thermostats, televisions, automobiles, production machinery, urban infrastructure and many other "things", which traditionally have not been Internet enabled. This "Internet of Things" (IoT) represents a remarkable transformation of the way in which our world will soon interact. Much like the World Wide Web connected computers to networks, and the next evolution mobile devices connected people to the Internet and other people, IoT looks poised to interconnect devices, people, environments, virtual objects and machines in ways that only science fiction writers could have imagined.

    1. Internet of Things: The Third Wave?

    2. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Challenges, Requirements and Benefits

    3. Internet of Things: Security, Privacy and Safety

    4. Internet of Things: More than Smart "Things"

    5. Internet of Things: Myths and Facts

    6. Three Major Challenges Facing IoT

    7. IoT implementation and Challenges

    8. IoT Standardization and Implementation Challenges

    9. Challenges Facing IoT Analytics Success

    10. How to Secure the Internet of Things


    Prof. Ahmed Banafa has extensive experience in research, operations and management, with a focus on IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and AI. He is the recipient of the Certificate of Honor from the City and County of San Francisco and Author & Artist Award 2019 of San Jose State University. He was named as #1 tech voice to follow, technology fortune teller and influencer by LinkedIn in 2018, his research has featured on Forbes, IEEE and MIT Technology Review, and he has been interviewed by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, BBC, NPR, Washington Post, and Fox. He is a member of the MIT Technology Review Global Panel.

    Ahmed is the author of award-winning books, including Secure and Smart Internet of Things (IoT) using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which won three awards including Best Technology Books of all Time, and One of the Best AI Models Books of All Time. His second book was Blockchain Technology and Applications won One of the Best New Private Blockchain Books and is used at Stanford University and other prestigious schools in the USA. He studied Electrical Engineering at Lehigh University, Cybersecurity at Harvard University and Digital Transformation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).