1st Edition

Introduction to Polymer Rheology and Processing

By Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff Copyright 1993
    290 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    An Introduction to Polymer Rheology and Processing is a practical desk reference providing an overview of operating principles, data interpretation, and qualitative explanation of the importance and relationship of rheology to polymer processing operations. It covers full-scale processing operations, relating industrial processing operations and design methodology to laboratory-scale testing. Hundreds of design formulas applicable to scaling up the processing behavior of polymeric melts are presented. The book also provides a "working knowledge" description of major rheological test methods useful in product development and includes a useful glossary of polymer and test method/instrumentation definitions.

    Lavishly illustrated and featuring numerous sample calculations and modeling approaches, An Introduction to Polymer Rheology and Processing is a "must have" book for polymer engineers and rheologists.

    1. Introduction to Rheology 2. Conventional Viscometers and General Concepts 3. Viscometric Techniques and Analysis Of Steady-State Flows 4. Normal Stress Measurements 5. Rheometric Techniques for Polymer Melts 6. Torque Rheometers and Processibility Testing 7. Rheology and Introduction to Polymer Processing 8. Polymer Processing Operations


    Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff