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    by CRC Press

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    In this volume, the author explains a generalized theory of radiation acoustic phenomena. This concise and comprehensive introduction to the field of radiation acoustics considers the nonlinear and non-thermal mechanisms of sound generation as well as the fundamental equations of radiation acoustics. The author also explores topics beyond theory and postulates some applications of radiation acoustic effects. Introduction to Radiation Acoustics is ideal for graduate students and specialists in the fields of accelerator techniques, acoustics, radiotherapeutics, and elementary particle physics.

    Sound Generation by Beams of Radiation. Linear Effects of Radiation Acoustics. Waves in Planar Structures. Radiation Acoustic Effects in Micro-nonhomogenous Media. Nonlinear Aspects of Radiation Acoustics. Some Applications of Radiation Acoustic Effects.


    Alexander Kalinichenko, Valentine T. Lazurik, Illya I. Zalyubovsky