1st Edition

Introduction to Serials Work for Library Technicians

By Jim Cole, Wayne Jones, Scott Millard Copyright 2004
    156 Pages
    by Routledge

    156 Pages
    by Routledge

    Everything you need to know about serials librarianship—in one handy volume!

    For library science students and library professionals, Introduction to Serials Work for Library Technicians is a practical, how-to-do-it text that shows you how to perform the behind-the-scenes tasks your job requires. This primer walks you through the entire process of serials management for both larger libraries with automated serials management systems as well as small school and public libraries that must handle their serials manually. From an introduction to serials work to the latest in technology for archiving, this book will ensure that your library customers are not inconvenienced by inaccuracies or inefficient organization.

    Introduction to Serials Work for Library Technicians will benefit anyone who handles serials in a library since it covers all aspects of serials: acquisitions, organization, check-ins, and cataloging. This book addresses the complications that occur working with a form of publication that can include any medium from newspapers to CD-Rom and can be published as often as every day or as infrequently as once a year. Difficulties include title changes, serial merges and splits, suspensions and cessations of publication, and changes in format, and this volume will show you how to find the solutions to these situations.

    Here’s a sample of what is explored in this book:

    • acquisitions—how to locate, find bibliographic information on, and verify the title of a desired serial
    • ordering—types of orders, new subscription orders, and back-ordering
    • receiving—checking in serials, recording holdings information, using Kardex cards, and using an automated check-in system
    • cataloging—using holding and union lists, creating and using online catalogues, and cataloguing standards and internet serials
    • processing—shelving policies, types of shelving, and how to shelve
    • claims, binding, and renewals
    Intended primarily as a textbook for students in library sciences programs, this book will also serve very well as a general reference for experienced or novice library technicians or other staff members who find themselves managing serials or automating their system. The book's complete glossary, bibliography, numerous definitions, and tables, as well as the real-life examples throughout this manual will help you navigate the challenges of record-keeping, claiming, and cataloguing serials in any library.

    • Chapter 1. Introduction to Serials Work
    • What Is a Serial?
    • Common Characteristics of Serials
    • Problems with Serials
    • Chapter 2. Acquisitions
    • How to Find Out About Serials
    • Acquisition of a Serial
    • Finding Bibliographic Information for Serials
    • Verification
    • Chapter 3. Ordering
    • Information Needed for Ordering
    • Types of Orders
    • Chapter 4. Receipt and Check-In of Serials
    • Paper, CD-ROM, Microfiche, or Microfilm Format Series
    • Principles of the Check-In System
    • Information Generally Found in a Check-In System
    • Recording Holdings Information
    • Chapter 5. Cataloging
    • Problems with the Full Cataloging of Serials
    • Alternatives to Cataloging
    • Cataloging Serials
    • Cataloging Internet Serials
    • Cataloging Standards
    • Chapter 6. Organization and Shelving Arrangements
    • Shelving Policies
    • Types of Shelving
    • How to Shelve
    • Chapter 7. Claims
    • Reasons for Placing Claims
    • Placing Claims
    • When to Claim
    • Chapter 8. Binding
    • Factors to Consider Before Binding
    • Preparing for Binding
    • Chapter 9. Renewals
    • Renewal Terminology
    • Handling Renewals
    • Chapter 10. Cessations
    • Title Changes
    • Cancellations
    • Chapter 11. Automation
    • Advantages of Automation
    • Disadvantages of Automation
    • Chapter 12. New Technology
    • Archiving
    • Storage
    • Equipment
    • Check-In
    • Access
    • Glossary
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Scott Millard