2nd Edition

Introductory Solid State Physics

By H.P. Myers Copyright 1997
    536 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Assuming an elementary knowledge of quantum and statistical physics, this book provides a comprehensive guide to principal physical properties of condensed matter, as well as the underlying theory necessary for a proper understanding of their origins. The subject matter covers the principal features of condensed matter physics, but with particular accent on the properties of metal alloys. Relevance to technical applications is recognized.

    The materials and methods of solid state physics; crystallography; diffraction; defects in crystals; lattice vibrations; metallic behaviour and the free electron gas; the periodic potential; the cohesion of pure metals; some physical properties of metals; semiconductors; magnetism; dielectric media; superconductivity; aspects of surface physics; the nucleus of solid state physics; answers to problems.


    H.P. Myers

    "[the author's objectives} have been beautifully fulfilled in an eminently readable fashion. Several good points make the book better than average. There is a splendid introduction that explains the subject matter of solid state physics and that impresses on the reader the rewards of studying this subject."
    -Acta Crystallographica