1st Edition

Invasive Plants and Forest Ecosystems

    454 Pages 90 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    As the worldwide human population explodes and trade becomes increasingly globalized, the transboundary movement of plant species from their place of origin to foreign regions is escalating and expected to experience continued growth in the coming decades. Invasive Plants and Forest Ecosystems takes an informed and integrated approach to the current onslaught of invasive species, spotlighting the tremendous challenges they pose for natural resource managers charged with the maintenance of biological diversity and the sustainable production of forest wealth. It addresses the havoc these alien invaders are wrecking on native forest ecosystems and the staggering $300 billion annually in damage and control costs they incur.

    An Up-to-Date Synthesis of Invasive Plants, Their Impact, and Control Strategies

    Examining invasion ecology through both synthesis and original research chapters, this compilation gives a bird’s eye view of the ecological impact alien invaders have both in temperate and tropical climates. With internationally recognized contributors, this text explores the socioeconomic and policy aspects of adaptive collaborative management strategies that are crucial to controlling alien invasive plants. This book successfully captures the current state of knowledge surrounding this fast-growing ecological issue, making it an indispensable resource for those committed to the protection of global forestry and natural resources.





    Invasive Plants: A Threat to the Integrity and Sustainability of Forest Ecosystems, S. Jose, R.K. Kohli, H.P. Singh, D.R. Batish, and E.C. Pieterson

    Mechanisms of Plant Invasion: A Review, P. Daneshgar and S. Jose Relationship of Invasive Groundcover Plant Presence to Evidence of Disturbance in the Forests of the Upper Midwest of the United States, W.K. Moser, M.H. Hansen, M.D. Nelson, and W.H. McWilliams

    Invasion Pattern of Exotic Plants in Forest Ecosystems, S. Fei, N. Kong, J. Stringer, and D. Bowker

    Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Exotic Tree Invasions:Lessons from a Shade-Tolerant Invader, Acer platanoides, C. R. Webster and S.R. Wangen

    Invasive Species and the Resiliency of a Riparian Environment, J.M. Dyer and C.M. Cowell

    Biogeography of Invasive Plant Species in Urban Park Forests, R.E. Loeb


    Alien Invasive Plant Species and Their Effects on Hill Forest Ecosystems of Bangladesh, M.K. Hossain

    Ecological Status of Some Invasive Plants of Shiwalik Himalayas in Northwestern India, R.K. Kohli, H.P. Singh, D.R. Batish, and K.S. Dogra

    Invasive Species and Their Impacts on Endemic Ecosystems in China, J. Fang and F. Wan

    Invasive Plants in Australian Forests, with an Emphasis on Subtropics and Tropics, J.D. Nichols and M. Bristow

    Risk Analysis for Alien Plants in European Forests, Illustrated by the Example of Prunus serotina, G. Shrader and U. Starfinger

    Monitoring and Assessment of Regional Impacts from Nonnative Invasive Plants in Forests of the Pacific Coast, United States, A. Gray

    Imperata cylindrica, an Exotic Invasive Grass, Changes Soil Chemical Properties of Forest Ecosystems in the Southeastern United States, A.R. Collins and S. Jose


    Adaptive Collaborative Restoration: A Key Concept in Invasive Plant Management, J.H. Miller and J. Schelhas

    Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica)—A Comprehensive Review of an Invasive Grass, G.E. MacDonald

    Exotic Plant Species Invasion and Control in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, United States, M.A. Jenkins and K.D. Johnson

    Invasive Weeds of Colorado Forests and Rangeland, K.G. Beck

    Ecology and Management of Tropical Africa’s Forest Invaders, P.P. Bosu, M.M. Apetorgbor, and A. Refera


    Invasive Plants in Namibian Subtropical and Riparian Woodlands, D.F. Joubert

    Economics, Law, and Policy of Invasive Species Management in the United States: Responding to a Growing Crisis, J. Freeman, R. Albritton, S. Jose, and J.R.R. Alavalapati



    Ravinder Kumar Kohli, Shibu Jose, Harminder Pal Singh, Daizy Rani Batish