First published in 1974, Investigating Drama offers a holistic understanding of drama. An understanding of drama requires far more thana study, however thorough, of plays and playwright, stagecraft and techniques, for drama must always be seen in the context of the theatre at work. A descriptive coverage of the basic elements of drama is accordingly only half the purpose of this book, and the authors hope that their plea in the title for an ‘investigation’ will be taken literally. To allow maximum flexibility the book is divided into independent ‘units’, which can be followed through as a complete drama course, or taken individually by those wishing to concentrate on selective areas. All aspects of theatre are covered and there is ample opportunity for practical work in improvisation. This book will be of interest to students of literature and drama.

    Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Some Vital Questions 2. ‘O What is that Sound?’ 3. The Stage 4. Some Consequences 5. Improvisation 6. ‘Uneasy Lies the Head’ 7. Improvisation 8. ‘Let Her Paint an Inch Thick!’ 9. ‘Let There Be Light’ – an Act of Creation! 10. Design for the Theatre 11. A Case Study 12. In Committee 13. The Director 14. The Stage Manager 15. Documentary Drama 16. Brecht and a History Play? 17. Television: Techniques of Production 18. The Programme in Production 19. Full, Frontal… 20. ‘Though Our Lives…?’ Glossary of Theatrical Terms


    Kenneth Pickering, Bill Horrocks and David Male