1st Edition

Investigating the Relationship Between Aristotle’s Eudemian and Nicomachean Ethics

Edited By Giulio Di Basilio Copyright 2022

    Specifically focusing on the relationship between the Eudemian and the Nicomachean Ethics, this collection of essays studies major themes from Aristotle’s ethics.

    This volume builds on a recent revival of interest in Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics, which offers an invaluable complement to the Nicomachean Ethics in the study of the development of Aristotle's ethical ideas. It brings together a series of new studies by leading scholars covering the main points of inquiry raised by the relationship between the two works, exploring their continuities and divergences. At the same time, it showcases a variety of approaches to and perspectives on the main questions posed by Aristotle’s ethical thought.

    Investigating the Relationship Between Aristotle’s Eudemian and Nicomachean Ethics is offered as a contribution to long-standing debates over Aristotle's ethical thinking, as well as an inspiration for new approaches, which take both of his surviving ethical treatises seriously. The volume will be of interest to students and scholars of ancient philosophy and ethics, particularly Aristotle’s two ethics.

    1. Introduction: Aristotle’s Two Ethics, Giulio Di Basilio; 2. The Preambles to the Ethics, Carlo Natali; 3. The Ergon- Argument in the Eudemian and the Nicomachean Ethics, Friedemann Buddensiek; 4. Pleasure and Pain in the Eudeamian and Nicomachean Definitions of Moral Virtue, Marco Zingano; 5. Voluntariness of Character Traits in Aristotle’s Eudemian and Nicomachean Ethics, Giulio Di Basilio; 6. Decision in the Eudemian Ethics, Karen Margrethe Nielsen; 7. Justice in the Eudemian and Nicomachean Ethics, Mitzi Lee; 8. Sophia in the Eudemian Ethics, Christopher Rowe; 9. Neither Virtue Nor Vice: Akratic and Enkratic Values in and Beyond the Eudemian Ethics, Jozef Müller; 10. Two Kinds of Pleasure (and Pain) in Aristotle’s Ethics, Dorothea Frede; 11. Complete Virtue, Giulia Bonasio; 12. The Wild and the Good: Conditions for Virtue in the Eudemian Ethics, Terence Irwin.


    Giulio Di Basilio is an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and a member of the Plato Centre. He has published articles on Aristotle’s ethics and Aquinas’s philosophy of action, as well as on the text of the Nicomachean Ethics.

    "This collection of fresh contributions on the connections between the two main ethical works attributed to Aristotle is a most welcome addition to the burgeoning literature on the EE and NE that has steadily grown in the last half-century."Bryn Mawr Classical Review