1st Edition

Investigating the Use of Sex in Media Promotion and Advertising

Edited By Tom Reichert Copyright 2007
    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    The latest scholarship on one of today’s most pressing issues

    Today, it is obvious that sexual content is a prevalent aspect of the media and that the intensity of this content has increased in recent years. Less obvious, however, are the direct effects the strategic use of sexual content has on audiences. Investigating the Use of Sex in Media Promotion and Advertising presents the latest scholarship on the role of sex in the most common media outlets—television programming, radio “shock jocks,” music videos, magazines, and advertising. The eye-opening contributions from over a dozen recognized experts in the field provide useful empirical evidence on media-conveyed sexual stimuli and look toward moving the public dialogue on sex in the media further along.

    Often, opinions regarding sex in the media have little or no scientific grounding and even when scientific-grounded arguments are offered, they suffer from wide gaps in research-based knowledge. Investigating the Use of Sex in Media Promotion and Advertising is the important compilation that fills these knowledge gaps. In delving into this pressing issue, it not only offers timely findings that provide an indication of the nature, prevalence, and effects of sexual information when used as a promotional tool, but suggests new directions for the study of sex and media as well. This informative text is also extensively referenced and features numerous tables to clearly present research data.

    Chapters in Investigating the Use of Sex in Media Promotion and Advertising examine:

    • the nature and extent of sexually appealing newscasters primarily on cable news programs
    • commentary and camera angles of women’s sporting events in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games
    • the efficacy of both sexual content and sexual self-schema on consumers’ attitudes toward promotional announcements, advertised programs, viewing intention, and self-reported arousal
    • the history and content analysis of “shock jock” radio like the Howard Stern and the Bob & Tom shows
    • the relationship among sexual content in music videos, viewer enjoyment, and actual product purchase intention
    • Maxim magazine’s cover formula and the competitive response from other men’s lifestyle magazines
    • the efficacy of men’s magazines’ sexual cover models on consumer outcome variables, including interest and purchase intention
    • an international perspective of nudity in advertising in magazines versus on television
    • a case study of the sexual appeals used in several billboard ads for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
    • and much more!
    Filled with insightful and groundbreaking information, Investigating the Use of Sex in Media Promotion and Advertising is a vital resource for advertising and media professionals as well as educators and upper-level and graduate students in media, communications, and advertising programs.

    • Preface
    • Foreword (Leonard Reid)
    • The Ageless Allure: Sex, Media, and Marketing (Tom Reichert)
    • All the News That’s Fit to See? The Sexualization of Television News Journalists as a Promotional Strategy (Michael Nitz, Tom Reichert, Adonica Schultz Aune, and André Vander Velde)
    • Bump, Set, Spike: An Analysis of Commentary and Camera Angles of Women’s Beach Volleyball During the 2004 Summer Olympics (Kimberly L. Bissell and Andrea M. Holt)
    • Is It the Content or the Person? Examining Sexual Content in Promotional Announcements and Sexual Self-Schema (Yinjiao Ye and Shuhua Zhou)
    • Sex and Shock Jocks: An Analysis of the Howard Stern and Bob & Tom Shows (Lawrence Soley)
    • Selling Music with Sex: The Content and Effects of Sex in Music Videos on Viewer Enjoyment (R. Glenn Cummins)
    • Promoting Sexy Images: Case Study Scrutinizes Maxim’s Cover Formula for Building Quick Circulation and Challenging Competitors (Jacqueline Lambiase)
    • Consumer Responses to Sexual Magazine Covers on a Men’s Magazine (Tom Reichert and Shuhua Zhou)
    • A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Media Comparison of Female Nudity in Advertising (Hye-Jin Paek and Michelle R. Nelson)
    • Selling with Sex in Sin City: The Case of the Hard Rock Hotel Casino (Erika Engstrom)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


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