1st Edition

Ion Exchange Technology Advances in Pollution Control

By Arup K. SenGupta Copyright 1995

    This book provides comprehensive coverage of developments in ion exchange areas which would continue to have major impacts in the general pursuit of pollution control and pollution prevention. Its nine chapters can be split into four different theme areas: trace contaminants removals; new materials; desalination and finally controlling gaseous pollutants. This would have value for practicing engineers, scientists and researchers who are pertaining to ion exchange technology. It would also server the needs of those trying to explore and identify new technologies in the areas of pollution control and pollution prevention.

    Removing Uranium and Radium from Groundwater by Ion Exchange Resins - Nitrate Removal from Contaminated Groundwater by Anion Exchange - Chromate Ion Exchange - Sorption and Desorption Behavior of Natural Organic Matter onto Strong-Base Anion Exchangers - Complex Hexacyanoferrates for the Removal of Cesium from Solution - Immobilized Biomass: A New Class of Heavy-Metal Selective Ion Exchangers - CARIX Process A Novel Approach to Desalination by Ion Exchange


    SenGupta\, Arup K.