1st Edition

Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction A Series of Advances, Volume 17

Edited By Yitzhak Marcus, Arup K. SenGupta Copyright 2004

    Volume 17 in the Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction series represents the vanguard of research on solvent extraction. It covers the principles of electrolyte extraction and other subjects of increasing interest to the field. This volume begins with pharmaceutical applications of supercritical fluid solvents, particularly supercritical carbon dioxide. It also contains chapters on liquid ion exchangers and relevant experiment protocols, SCF applications in drug formulation and pollution reduction, exploiting SCF as reaction media, applications of metal bis(dicarbollide) in analytical chemistry and radioactive waste treatment, and synergistic extraction of metal ions.

    Volume 17 discusses the ion exchange isothermal supersaturation technique, metal separation via pH-induced parametric pumping, modeling of ion exchange kinetics for ultrapure water, and the engineering of activated carbons and carbonaceous materials for removal of metal ions and organic micropollutants in water. Volume 17 cover topics that include supercritical fluid applications, applications of metal bis(dicarbollide), and synergistic extraction of metal ions.

    Preface. Contributors to Volume 17. Contents of Other Volumes. 1. Applications of Supercritical Fluid Solvents in the Pharmaceutical. 2. Reactive Solvent Extraction. 3. Symmetrical P,PV-Disubstituted Esters of Alkylenediphosphonic Acids as Reagents for Metal Solvent Extraction. 4. Sulfoxide Extractants and Synergists. 5. Extraction with Metal Bis(dicarbollide) Anions: Metal Bis(dicarbollide) Extractants and Their Applications in Separation Chemistry. 6. Principles of Extraction of Electrolytes. Index


    Yitzhak Marcus, Arup K. SenGupta

    "A reader need not be involved solely with solvent extraction to gain important information from this book; due to the variety of complexants discussed in the different chapters, it should also be of interest to scientists whose research encompasses coordination chemistry. … It is a pleasure to recommend this volume to colleagues interested in coordination chemistry and both the chemical and engineering aspects of separations science."
    - JACS

    "With its distinguished editors and international authors contributing to each chapter, Ion exchange and solvent extraction volumes 16 and 17 provide detailed information on the fundamentals and advancements in the area of ion exchange and solvent extraction."
    -Chemistry & Industry, Dec. 2005