Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction : A Series of Advances, Volume 19 book cover
1st Edition

Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction
A Series of Advances, Volume 19

Edited By

Bruce A. Moyer

ISBN 9781138112070
Published June 13, 2017 by CRC Press
680 Pages 183 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The growth in the world’s nuclear industry, motivated by peaking world oil supplies, concerns about the greenhouse effect, and domestic needs for energy independence, has resulted in a heightened focus on the need for next-generation nuclear fuel-cycle technologies. Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction: A Series of Advances, Volume 19 provides a comprehensive look at the state of the science underlying solvent extraction in its role as the most powerful separation technique for the reprocessing of commercial spent nuclear fuel.

Capturing the current technology and scientific progress as it exists today and looking ahead to potential developments, the book examines the overall state of solvent extraction in reprocessing, new molecules for increased selectivity and performance, methods for predicting extractant properties, and actinide-lanthanide group separation. The contributors also explore the simultaneous extraction of radionuclides by mixing extractants, the cause and nature of third-phase formation, the effects of radiation on the solvent and its performance, analytical techniques for measuring process concentrations, new centrifugal contactors for more efficient processing, and new chemistry using novel media.

The long-term vision of many professionals in the field entails a proliferation-free nuclear energy economy in which little or no waste is stored or released into the environment and all potential energy values in spent nuclear fuel are recycled. This text opens a window on that possibility, offering insight from world leaders on the cutting edge of nuclear research.

Table of Contents

Overview of Solvent Extraction Chemistry for Reprocessing, S. Tachimori and Y. Morita

New Developments in Thorium, Uranium, and Plutonium Extraction, V. K. Manchanda, P. N. Pathak, and P. K. Mohapatra

Overview of Recent Advances in An(III)/Ln(III) Separation by Solvent Extraction, C. Hill

Extraction of Radioactive Elements by Calixarenes, J. F. Dozol and R. Ludwig

Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships in Solvent Extraction and Complexation of Metals, A. Varnek and V. Solov’ev

Simultaneous Removal of Radionuclides by Extractant Mixtures, V. A. Babain

Third-phase Formation in Liquid/Liquid Extraction: A Colloidal Approach, F. Testard, P. Bauduin, T. Zemb, and L. Berthon

Radiolysis of Solvents Used in Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing, L. Berthon and M.-C. Charbonnel

Automation of Extraction Chromatographic and Ion Exchange Separations for Radiochemical Analysis and Monitoring, J. W. Grate, M. J. O’Hara, and O. B. Egorov

Design Principles and Applications of Centrifugal Contactors for Solvent Extraction, R. A. Leonard

Neoteric Solvents as the Basis of Alternative Approaches to the Separation of Actinides and Fission Products, M. L. Dietz


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Series Editor(s)


Bruce Moyer has 30 years of experience in research and development on solvent extraction and ion exchange, focusing on radionuclide separations for environmental and waste cleanup, nuclear fuel cycles, and national-security applications in the USDOE complex. Dr. Moyer leads the Chemical Separations Group of ORNL’s Chemical Science Division. He is the Editor of the journal Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange.