1st Edition

Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction
Volume 21, Supramolecular Aspects of Solvent Extraction

Edited By

Bruce A Moyer

ISBN 9780367379063
Published September 23, 2019 by CRC Press
293 Pages

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Book Description

Over the past several decades, the theme of supramolecular chemistry (SC) has permeated nearly all aspects of chemical endeavor. Not surprisingly, it has also pervaded the field of solvent extraction (SX), inspiring the framework for this volume of Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction. In addition, tools for studying aggregation have grown increasingly sophisticated, leading to a greater understanding of what we now recognize as SC phenomena in SX. Volume 21, Supramolecular Aspects of Solvent Extraction identifies how supramolecular behavior occurs and is studied in the context of SX and how SC is influencing the direction of SX.

With contributions by internationally recognized specialists from different fields, this volume examines how principles of SC are being used in advancing the design of new highly selective SX systems and for understanding aggregation phenomena in SX systems. The book begins with a discussion of the nature and definition of SC and its general use in the design of novel SX reagents. Chapter 2 expands the subject of ion-pair recognition to introduce outer-sphere recognition of metal complexes.

Chapter 3 reviews the literature on calixarenes as extraction reagents for metal ions. Chapter 4 extends the utility of this chemistry, describing the use of calixarenes for the extraction of biomolecules. Chapter 5 examines the liquid–liquid interface as an expression of supramolecular phenomena in SX, reviewing interfacial aggregation in model two-phase systems and metal extraction systems. The final chapter explores the problem of aggregation in SX, the historical attempts to understand it, and recent progress that has been made in addressing the issue.

Table of Contents

Supramolecular Chemistry in Solvent Extraction: Toward Highly Selective Extractants and a Better Understanding of Phase-Transfer Phenomena. Supramolecular Interactions in the Outer Coordination Spheres of Extracted Metal Ions. Molecular Design and Metal Extraction Behavior of Calixarene Compounds as Host Extractants. Protein Extraction by the Recognition of Lysine Residues Using Macrocyclic Molecules. Interfacial Molecular Aggregation in Solvent Extraction Systems. Supramolecular Aspects of Stable Water-in-Oil Microemulsions in Chemical Separations.

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Bruce A. Moyer, Ph.D., has 34 years of experience in R&D on solvent extraction and ion exchange, focusing on metal ion separations for environmental and waste cleanup, nuclear fuel cycles, recovery of critical materials, and national security applications in the USDOE complex. Dr. Moyer leads the Chemical Separations Group of ORNL’s (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Chemical Sciences Division. He is editor of the journal Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange and has ten patents and more than 180 career publications.