1st Edition

Ion Selective Electrode Method Volume 1

By A.K. Covington Copyright 1979

    The intention was to produce a book which perforce would never be far from the laboratory, although CRC‘s use of Handbook in another connection precludes our use of that word in the title.

    1. Introduction: Basic Electrode Types, Classification and Selectivity Considerations 2. Instrumentation for Ion-Selective Electrodes 3. Practical Techniques for Ion-Selective Electrodes 4. pX Standards 5. Glass Electrodes 6. Liquid Ion Exchange Types 7. Polyvinyl Chloride Matrix Membrane Ion-Selective Electrodes 8. Heterogenous Membrane, Carbon Support, and Coated Wire Ion-Selective Electrodes 9. Crystalline and Pressed Powder Solid Membrane Electrodes


    A.K. Covington