1st Edition

Iraq From Manadate Independence

By Main Copyright 2009
    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1935 and reprinted now because of its current political relevance, this work concentrates on the events which led to the 1932 installation of Faisal as King of Iraq at the termination of the British Mandate. Though it deals chiefly with politics at the time, the book also offers important insights into current developments in Iraq and their historical significance. Anyone interested in the future of Iraq and the Middle East at large will find this a compelling read.

    Foreword by Lord Lloyd of Dolobran, Author's Preface, Historical Introduction, I. The Land and the People, 11. British Imperial Communications, III. Lawrence and the Arabs of Iraq, IV. Anglo-Iraqi Relations, V. The League of Nations and Iraq's Independence, VI. The R.A.F. and the New Iraq, VII. Defence and Foreign Relations, VIII. The Minorities, IX. Sunni and Shiah; The Holy Cities, X. Internal Administration, XI. Finance, XII. Justice, XIII. Awqaf, XIV. Railway, Road and River, XV. Agricu1ture and Irrigation, XVI. Trade and Industry, XVII. Antiquities and Ancient History, XVIII. Education and the Effendi Problem, Appendices, A. The Anglo-'Iraq Treaty of 1930, B. Faisal's Damascus Diary, July 1920, C. Some Notes on Marriage Customs in Southern Iraq, Index


    Main, Ernest