1st Edition

Ireland, Neutrality and European Security Integration

By Róisín Doherty Copyright 2002

    This title was first published in 2002: Roisin Doherty provides an innovative insight into European security policy by concentrating on Ireland through an analysis of compatibility of Irish neutrality with security integration. She also analyzes the factors influencing security integration. This contemporary analysis of neutrality also deals with the development of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and examines the factors pushing forward the development of EU security policy. A specialized text suitable for undergraduate and post-graduate courses in international relations, European studies and administrative studies, this stimulating volume will appeal to those interested in the European Union, Irish foreign policy, neutrality and the CFSP in general.

    Contents: Introduction; The meanings of neutrality; Irish attitudes to neutrality from World War Two until the treaty of Maastricht; The dynamics of the CFSP; The European security architecture from Maastricht to Amsterdam; Security and defence aspects of the Amsterdam treaty; Developments in European security after the treaty of Amsterdam; The importance of the partnership for peace for Irish participation in European peacekeeping; Western European Union and defence integration: Ireland’s European security choices; Towards engagement: Irish neutrality and European integration in the new Millennium; Bibliography.


    Róisín Doherty

    ’Irish neutrality has proved a surprisingly enduring phenomenon, capable of adapting to dramatically different systematic conditions...It is this ever-evolving, multi-faceted character of the policy which best explains its longevity. Róisín Doherty’s book lucidly analyses its latest form - while raising some very pertinent questions about whether it is approaching a final endgame.’ Perspectives on European Politics and Society ’...a comprehensive...account of the flexibility of Irish neutrality in the post-Cold War era.’ Political Studies Review 'Róisín Doherty competently tackles the complex relationship between Irish neutrality and accelerating European Security Integration...The book's strengths lay in understanding the external factors that influenced the development of Irish neutrality.' European Foreign Affairs Review