352 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The objective of this book is to review and summarize recent developments in our understanding of iron transport and storage in living systems. It includes an overview of the evolutionary aspects of iron metabolism and bacterial iron transport, as well as a detailed discussion of molecules with specific roles in iron metabolism in higher organisms. It also presents relationships between intracellular iron metabolism and cell proliferation. Iron Transport and Storage addresses the comparative aspects of iron transport and storage in different tissues. This essential volume is very useful for hematologists, physical and biological chemists, cell and molecular biologists, physiologists, and clinicians with an interest in the biology and metabolism of iron.

    IRON IN BIOORGANIC EVOLUTION. An Introduction to the Nature of Iron Transport and Storage. Iron-Dependent Enzymes in Mammalian Systems. Parallels in the Mode of Regulation of Iron Assimilation in All Living Species. Iron and Oxygen: A Dangerous Mixture. STRUCTURE OF PROTEINS OF IRON STORAGE AND TRANSPORT. Transferrin and Lactoferrin. Ferritin. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF PROTEINS OF IRON TRANSPORT AND STORAGE. Molecular Biology of the Transferrins. Molecular Analysis of the Transferrin Receptor and Its Gene. Ferritin Gene Structure and Expression. ROLE OF IRON AND PROTEINS OF IRON METABOLISM IN CELL PROLIFERATION AND MALIGNANCY. Iron-Transferrin Requirements and Transferrin Receptor Expression in Proliferating Cells. Ribonucleotide Reductase. Ferritin in Malignant Cells. IRON METABOLISM IN SPECIFIC TISSUES. Comparative Aspects of Iron Transport and Storage in Different Tissues. Developmental Changes in Iron Storage (the Ferritins) and Iron Transport (the Transferrins and Transferrin Receptors). Intestinal Iron Metabolism and Absorption. Erythroid Cell Iron Metabolism and Heme Synthesis. Iron Metabolism in the Reticuloendothelial System. Modulation of the Availability of Intracellular Iron. Iron and Proteins of Iron Metabolism in the Central Nervous System.


    Prem Ponka, Herbert M. Schulman, Rovert C. Woodworth; Goetz W. Richter