1st Edition

Iron in Aluminium Alloys Impurity and Alloying Element

    This volume discusses the phase composition and structure of iron-containing alloys, the influence of iron on various properties, the harmful effects of iron as an impurity. It considers the effect of iron on the structure and properties of aluminium alloys and defines ways to diminish this effect. The book also explores the use of iron in the development of new alloys and composites. It presents analyses of equilibrium and non-equilibrium phase diagrams and structure of iron-containing alloys to the development of new alloys and composite materials. Iron in Aluminium Alloys: Impurity and Alloying Element is intended for graduate students, engineers and researchers working in materials science and metallurgy.

    Phase Diagrams of Iron-containing Aluminum Alloys. Structure and Properties of Iron-Containing Aluminium Alloys: General Features. Iron as an Impurity in Aluminum Alloys. Iron as an Additive in Aluminium alloys. Appendix. References. Subject Index.


    N.A. Belov, A.A. Aksenov, Dmitry G. Eskin