1st Edition

Ironwill 360° Leadership Moving Forward: Unlock Twelve Emerging Trends for Forward Thinking Leaders

By Douglas P. Pflug Copyright 2025
    200 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    200 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    "Ironwill 360° Leadership: Moving Forward" by Douglas Pflug is a captivating journey into the future of leadership in 2025 and beyond, tailored for forward-thinking visionary leaders hungry for success.

    Prepare yourself for twelve game-changing trends, from mastering Digital Mindfulness to igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership. Pflug's insights on Remote Leadership Skills, Adaptive Learning, and Inclusive Leadership are your secret weapons for navigating today's dynamic world.

    Dive into Resilience, Ensuring Sustainability and Human-Centric Leadership to discover the roadmap to survive and thrive. Uncover the delicate dance between AI and EQ, unlock the power of collaboration, and master the art of Nurturing Collaborative Leadership for sustained success.

    But that's not all–Pflug goes beyond boundaries, introducing Holistic Spirituality and redefining ethical leadership with a universal touch. In a compelling call to action, the book challenges you to be a force for positive change through service, charity, and philanthropy.

    "Ironwill 360° Leadership" isn't just a guide; it's your ticket to transforming leadership into a powerful legacy that resonates with impact and purpose.

    Get ready to lead with Ironwill 360° Leadership– the future starts now!

    Are you prepared to answer the call to action?!





    For more information about Doug or details on his book “Finding your Granite: My Four Cornerstones of Personal Leadership,” please visit www.RiseUpAndExcel.ca.


    Douglas P. Pflug concluded his distinguished 28-year career as a Sergeant with the Guelph Police Service on September 28, 2017. Upon retirement, he transitioned to the Ontario Police College Leadership Unit, serving as the provincial coordinator for the Frontline Sergeant (FLS), Communications Center Supervisor (CCS), and Basic Constable Community Policing.


    Doug's commitment to continuous learning is clear through his Executive Leadership, High-Performance Leadership, Change Leadership, and Managing for Execution certificates from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.


    In December 2023, he graduated with a certificate in Foundations of Human Resource Management with a 94% average at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.


    In 2020, Doug received national recognition as one of Canada's "123 remarkable Canadians," honoured by the Governor General with the prestigious Sovereign Medal for Volunteers. This accolade joined a collection of commendations, including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012, the Governor General Police Exemplary Medal in 2010, and the City of Guelph Mayor’s Award in 2016.


    Acknowledged twice with Chief of Police Commendations for lifesaving efforts, Doug's contributions extend beyond policing. He excelled in competitive sports, lettering in Varsity Football and Wrestling while attending the University of Guelph. He won thirty-two medals at Law Enforcement Track and Field meets, including a silver medal in the javelin and a bronze medal in the hammer throw at the 1998 World Law Enforcement Olympics.


    In 1994, he founded IRONWILL 360 Strength & Conditioning, affecting thousands of young athletes aspiring to play at various levels.


    Joining the coaching staff of the Guelph Storm Hockey Club in 1995, Doug served as a strength and conditioning coach and Police Mentor for 28 years, contributing to the success of elite athletes who later played professional hockey. Retiring from the Guelph Storm at the end of the 2021-2022 seasons, Doug served for 28 years, contributing to four Ontario Hockey League Championships.


    2000 to 2010, Doug merged his passions, creating the Constable Jay Pirie Memorial Hockey game, raising over $48,000 for the Guelph Wellington Special Olympics.


    2009 to 2012, he served as a strength and conditioning coach for Wrestle Canada at the National Training Center at the University of Guelph.


    Doug's commitment to his alma mater continued as he joined the University of Guelph Gryphon Football Team in 1995 as a Community Liaison Coach and police peer mentor.


    In 2018, Doug and Michelle Pflug set up the University of Guelph Gryphon Football Pflug Family Community Service Annual Award, honouring graduating players with outstanding community service. He retired from this role in May 2022.


    Since 1989, Doug has been a devoted supporter of the Ontario Law Enforcement Torch Run and both the Ontario and Canada Special Olympics. He coached the Guelph Wellington Buns Master Rollers Special Olympics Floor hockey team for 14 years, securing three consecutive Canadian Special Olympics Floor Hockey Championships and three silver Medal performances at the World Special Olympics Winter Games.


    In 2022, CRC Press published Doug's biography self-help book, “Finding Your Granite: My Four Cornerstones of Personal Leadership,” with all proceeds, totalling $7,000.00, donated to www.veh.ca to provide service dogs for frontline workers dealing with PTSD/PTSI.


    “From my experience in high-level coaching and education, Doug Pflug's "Ironwill 360 ° Leadership" resonates deeply with my commitment to developing resilient leaders. Pflug's seamless integration of mindfulness and technology aligns perfectly with the challenges we face in today's fast-paced digital era. This comprehensive guide provides invaluable insights, reinforcing the importance of purpose-driven leadership. I highly recommend this book to fellow coaches and educators striving to cultivate authenticity and resilience in their leadership journey.”

    Bill Brown MBA

    CIO, Lang Innovation Team

    FOGF Membership Coordinator 

    University of Guelph Football

    Elementary School Teacher






    “As a Youth Justice Leader, I found "Ironwill 360° Leadership: Moving Forward" by Douglas Pflug to be an indispensable guide for navigating the complexities of leadership in 2028 and beyond. Pflug's insights on Digital Mindfulness and Purpose-Driven Leadership resonate deeply, urging leaders to align actions with a greater purpose and effectively manage constant connectivity.


    His practical strategies for Remote Leadership Skills and Adaptive Learning are invaluable in today's rapidly changing world. Additionally, his emphasis on Inclusive Leadership highlights the importance of diversity and innovation for organizational success.


    Pflug's exploration of Human-Centric Leadership in a Digital Age strikes a chord, emphasizing the balance between technology and emotional intelligence. His holistic approach, encapsulated in the discussion on Holistic Spirituality, reframes ethical leadership beyond religious boundaries, advocating for authenticity and a commitment to the greater good.


    "Ironwill 360° Leadership: Moving Forward" is not just a guide; it's a catalyst for positive transformation. Pflug's vision ensures that forward-thinking leaders are not only prepared for the future but positioned to thrive and make a meaningful impact. As leaders, it's our responsibility to heed Pflug's call to action and contribute to the betterment of the world while fostering compassion within our organizations.”

    Mamta Chail MA





    “Ironwill 360° Leadership: Moving Forward" is a game changer. AI will force business and leadership to pivot. This book brings a fantastic perspective on how great leaders can embrace it.


    Pflug has woven the threads of traditional leadership skills, and AI, into clothes the cool kids will be wearing.  


    The future of leadership will need to use both emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence to effectively lead in the new and ever-changing workplace landscape. This book provides insight on how leaders can adapt to the new technology.”

    David Hatton





    “Ironwill 360° Leadership: Moving Forward" by Douglas Pflug, tailored for visionary leaders of 2025 and beyond, takes a unique approach to exploring the evolving landscape of personal leadership.  With a masterful blend of profound insights, strategic guidance, and practical approaches, Pflug delivers a compelling actionable roadmap for navigating the complex terrain of leadership.


    Pflug's credentials as a seasoned leader and expert in leadership development lend credibility to his work. With a wealth of experience in leadership roles across various industries including his tenure as a CEO coupled with his extensive leadership academic background, Pflug brings a depth of knowledge and understanding to his insights and recommendations.


    Each chapter of the book addresses critical facets of leadership, from Digital Mindfulness to Purpose-Driven Leadership, Remote Leadership Skills to Inclusive Leadership. Pflug's ability to dissect these topics and provide actionable insights demonstrates his mastery of the subject matter.


    One of the book's standout features is Pflug's exploration of Holistic Spirituality, where he reframes ethical leadership beyond religious boundaries. Emphasizing universal principles of kindness, service, and integrity, Pflug challenges leaders to embody authenticity and a commitment to the greater good and is consistent with his mantra and actions.  Moreover, Pflug's conclusions and "call to action" underscore the transformative potential of service, charity, and philanthropy in leadership. By challenging leaders to contribute to the betterment of society and foster compassion within organizations, Pflug inspires readers to make a meaningful impact.


    In essence, "Ironwill 360° Leadership: Moving Forward" is more than just a guide; it's a catalyst for positive change. Pflug's visionary insights and actionable strategies ensure that forward-thinking leaders are not only equipped to navigate the future but also empowered to thrive and lead with purpose.”


    Tuula Jalasjaa 

    Int’l MBA Finance 

    Banking & Wealth Management Senior Executive/Advisor 

    Founder of The Women’s Collection 





    "Ironwill 360° Leadership: Moving Forward" authored by Douglas Pflug serves as an indispensable roadmap for real estate executives operating in today's rapidly evolving global market. Pflug's analysis of Digital Mindfulness and Purpose-Driven Leadership proves especially pertinent, offering insights that empower leaders to make well-informed decisions and motivate their teams effectively. Additionally, the book's emphasis on Remote Leadership Skills and Inclusive Leadership delivers practical approaches for navigating remote work dynamics and cultivating diversity within multinational organizations. In sum, "Ironwill 360° Leadership" emerges as a must-have resource for real estate leaders seeking to excel amidst the complexities of the modern digital era, providing actionable strategies for success.”

    Pat Langdon

    Chief Executive Officer - Langdon Partners Real Estate Limited





    “I have known Doug for 35+ years and having been in Policing for 30 years and counting, I have the utmost respect and admiration for what he is trying to accomplish with this book. Despite his years of service and countless projects, his enthusiasm and energy in creating a top-notch product always impressed me. I believe the finished product will provide all kinds of “leaders” with more insight and methods to elevate their leadership skills. He is more than qualified to author this book as he has honed his leadership skills for years and performed as a Law Enforcement Officer (LOE), trainer, and mentor at a very high level.


    Doug has always displayed leadership qualities, even when we were rookies on the Guelph football team. He stood out as one of the people that others naturally gravitate to and follow. As I've said throughout my Policing career, you can make people supervisors, but it is very difficult to make people leaders; many leaders just have that natural ability.


    This book is relevant for anyone in a management position who is interested in staying current and serious about how they manage moving forward. Additionally, it's valuable for anyone in the law enforcement world who is in a middle/upper management position. Integrating real-world examples/scenarios might make the book more appealing to these types of managers. “

    Phil Lue


    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    University of Guelph Football Alumnus




    “Ironwill 360° Leadership: Moving Forward" is a transformative guide for progressive thinking and forward-moving leaders, navigating the complexities of leadership in the digital age. Pflug's insights into key trends for 2025 provide practical strategies for success.


    The book emphasizes Digital Mindfulness, Purpose-Driven Leadership, and Authenticity as crucial elements. It offers practical advice on Remote Leadership Skills, Adaptive Learning, and Inclusive Leadership, highlighting the importance of sustainability and human-centric leadership.


    The balance between AI and EQ is emphasized, stressing the significance of collaboration for innovation. The final chapter reframes ethical leadership through Holistic Spirituality, promoting universal values, such as kindness, integrity, and mindfulness.


    Overall, "Ironwill 360° Leadership: Moving Forward" is not just a guide but a catalyst for positive change, empowering leaders to thrive in an ever-evolving world.”

    Michael Souliere MA 

    Police Officer (Retired) and Police Instructor 




    “Practical advice for becoming a leader and manager.  No fluff.  Just good stuff. The material is presented in doable thought bites with practical examples.


    Recommendation:  Buy this book.  Use this book.  Become a great leader.”

    Greg Hutchins PE CERM

    Principal Engineer Quality + Engineering