1st Edition

Irving Fisher

Edited By Robert W. Dimand Copyright 2007
    1112 Pages
    by Routledge

    Irving Fisher was one of America’s greatest mathematical economists – and certainly one of the most colourful. During his career, he made numerous contributions to mathematical economics, capital theory, monetary theory, and statistics. The now familiar distinction between stocks and flows is almost entirely due to Fisher’s The Nature of Capital and Income, and similarly, his theory of money and prices is the foundation of much contemporary monetary economics.

    An influential and controversial figure during his lifetime, Fisher’s work remains accessible and useful to students of economics today. This impressive collection brings together key contemporary responses to Fisher’s work, along with later assessments of his main contributions. Also including a new introduction to the collection and individual volume introductions by the editor, this unique set is undoubtedly a valuable research resource for both student and scholar.

    Volume 1:  Part 1: Fisher, Mathematical Investigations in the Theory of Value and Prices (1892)  Part 2: Fisher, Appreciation and Interest (1896)  Part 3: Fisher, A Brief Introduction to the Infinitesimal Calculus  Part 4: Fisher, The Nature of Capital and Income (1906) and The Rate of Interest (1907)  Part 5: Fisher, Report on National Vitality (1910), the League of Nations, and Prohibition  Volume 2:  Part 6. Fisher (with H. G. Brown), The Purchasing Power of Money (1911)  Part 7: Fisher, Elementary Principles of Economics (1912)  Part 8: Fisher, Why is the Dollar Shrinking? (1915) to Stabilizing the Dollar (1920)  Part 9: Fisher, The Making of Index Numbers (1922)  Volume 3:  Part 10: Fisher, The Money Illusion (1928)  Part 11: Fisher, The Theory of Interest (1930)  Part 12: Fisher, the Crash, and the Depression  Part 13: Fisher, 100% Money (1935)  Part 14: Irving Fisher and Herbert Fisher, Constructive Income Taxation (1942) and Related Writings on Income and Double Taxation  Part 15: The Man Himself