1st Edition

Islam and the Securitisation of Population Policies Muslim States and Sustainability

By Katrina Riddell Copyright 2009

    There has been much scholarly debate on the politically disruptive capabilities of Islam and the threats to global security posed by or to Muslim states and societies, but within this dialogue there has been little recognition of the role of population policies in security issues. Katrina Riddell's study focuses specifically on Islam and the securitization of population policies and sustainability. Opening with a discussion of contemporary population discourses and their historical foundations, the book examines how population growth has become an international security issue. The author takes the examples of Pakistan and Iran to provide a nuanced understanding of Muslim states' interaction with global debates on sustainability. She also explores how Muslim and non-Muslim states, societies and agents perceive issues of population growth and control. Providing an innovative approach to the pursuit of global sustainability and security, this book presents useful material to scholars whose research focuses on Islam and the future.

    Preface and Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations; Introduction; Chapter 1 Population; Chapter 2 Population and Family Planning in Islamic Jurisprudence; Chapter 3 Islam and Fertility; Chapter 4 Islam, Politics and Population; Chapter 5 Islam, Population, Sustainability and Security; Chapter 6 Islam, Politics and Population; Chapter 7 Islam, Population, Sustainability and Security; Chapter 101 Conclusion;


    Katrina Riddell is Honorary Research Associate, Centre for Muslim States and Societies, School of Social and Cultural Studies, University of Western Australia, Australia.

    'Riddell offers a detailed and insightful account of population management in the Muslim context. Although birth control maybe seen by many as contradictory to Islamic teachings, Riddell has done well to carefully document the diversity of the Muslim experience and explore how Islam could in fact ensure the implantation of internationally sanctioned agenda. This book is a valuable contribution to the scholarship of contemporary Islam and a must read.' Shahram Akbarzadeh, University of Melbourne, Australia 'Muslim countries have been grappling with both the implications and different Islamic interpretations of population growth. Katrina Riddell provides a penetrating analysis of how two of the most important countries in the Muslim world have evolved and balanced concerns for security with local norms. This work is both original and timely and should be on the reading list of all who worry about our demographic future.' James Piscatori, Australian National University, Australia 'Islam and the Securitisation of Population Policies presents a wealth of information in relation to the Islamic securitisation and population policies and programs. It provides a comprehensive and useful account of the religious and socio-economic contexts within which population policy change is taking place in the two major Muslim countries. It is a valuable resource for scholars and researchers, demographers, social and political scientists as well as policy makers interested in Muslim demography.' Journal of Population Research