1st Edition

Islam in Tropical Africa

Edited By

I. M. Lewis

ISBN 9781138232785
Published July 23, 2018 by Routledge
324 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1980, this second edition of Islam in Tropical Africa presents specialist studies of the history and sociology of Muslim communities in Africa south of the Sahara. The studies cover an extensive and range of time and place, and include consideration of particular aspects of Muslim belief and practice in regions such as Senegal and Somalia. The second edition includes an updated introduction which draws attention to the ways in which differently organized traditional cultures and social systems had reacted and adapted to Muslim influence in the field of politics, law and ritual in the second half of the twentieth century.

This book will be of interest to those studying Islam, African studies and ethnography.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition; Part One: Introduction I. M. Lewis; 1. Regional Review of the Distribution of Islam 2. Agents of Islamization 3. Islam and Political Systems 4. Islamic Law and Customary Practice 5. Islam and Traditional Belief and Ritual 6. Islam and the Modern World; Part Two: Special Studies; 1. The Phases of Islamic Expansion and Islamic Culture Zones in Africa J. S. Trimingham 2. The Penetration of Islam in the Eastern Sudan Yusuf Fadl Hasan 3. Religion and State in the Songhay Empire, 1464-1591 J. O. Hunwick 4. The Position of Muslims in Metropolitan Ashanti in the Early Nineteenth Century Ivor Wilks 5. Lat-Dyor, Damel of Kayor (1842-86) and the Islamization of the Wolof of Senegal Vincent Monteil 6. Islam in Mossi Society Elliott P. Skinner 7. Cattle Values and Islamic Values in a Pastoral Population D. J. Stenning 8. Islam among the Fulbe of Adamawa P. F. Lacroix 9. The Jihad of Shehu Dan Fodio: Some Problems M. G. Smith 10. The Sudanese Mahdiyya and the Niger-Chad Region Saburi Biobaku and Muhammad Al-Hajj 11. Conformity and Contrast in Somali Islam I. M. Lewis 12. The Jumbe of Kota Kota and some Aspects of the History of Islam in Malawi George Shepperson 13. Sociological Factors in the Contact of the Gogo of Central Tanzania with Islam P. J. A. Rigby 14. A Controversy over Islamic Custom in Kilwa Kivinje, Tanzania Peter Lienhardt; Index; Maps; 1. Location of Peoples referred to in Special Studies 2. Contemporary Distribution of Islam South of the Sahara 3. Principle Areas of Muslim Influence in the Sixteenth Century

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