1st Edition

Islamic Attitudes to Israel

Edited By Efraim Karsh, P.R. Kumaraswamy Copyright 2008
    208 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book draws on the research of some of the leading scholars in the fields of Jewish-Islamic relations, the Israeli-Arab conflict and political Islam. These highly topical essays examine the relationship between Israel and the Islamic world from both a thematic and geo-strategic perspective.

    Divided into two distinct sections, the first section of the book deals with issues relating to contemporary Jewish-Muslim relations and, in particular, looks at the attitude towards the Jewish state amongst opinion-makers, religious institutions and leaders in the Muslim world. Key issues such as the Islamic attitude to Palestinian suicide-bombing, and Arab anti-Semitism are addressed here. The second section examines the attitude of key Muslim nations – Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia and Pakistan – to the Jewish state, and charts the evolving, bilateral relationship between these nations and Israel from the birth of the Jewish State in 1948 up to the present day.

    This book was previously published as a special issue of the journal Israel Affairs.

    1. The Long Trail of Islamic Anti-Semitism  2. Fundamentals of the Modern Muslim-Jewish Polemic  3. The 'Ulama’ and the Cult of Death in Palestine  4. Inter-Faith Strife: Al-Azhar Discourse on Israel  5. Political Islam and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict  6. Hizballah and Israel: Strategic Threat on the Northern Border  7. Iran, Israel and the Middle East Conflict  8. Israel and Pakistan: Public Rhetoric versus Political Pragmatism  9. The Republic of Indonesia and Israel  10. Policy Toward Israel: The Impact of Foreign and Domestic Constraints  11. How Has Turkey Viewed Israel?


    Karsh, Efraim; Kumaraswamy, P.R.