1st Edition

Islamic Culture in Crisis A Reflection on Civilizations in History

By Milton Hindus, Hichem Djait Copyright 2011
    257 Pages
    by Routledge

    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    Islamic Culture in Crisis examines efforts by intellectuals and leaders in the Islamic world to adapt to what Hichem Djait calls the "incredible novelty of modernity" that has come to Europe during the past 150 years. The chapters in the work are grouped into three sections, and were written by the author over a twenty-year period. Djait describes the different meanings of modernity, the crisis of Islamic culture in its encounter with modernity, similarities and differences between Arabs and Muslims and other cultures, the politics of the Arabs, and the force of democracy in the Islamic world.

    In the sphere of politics, the Arabs have been excluded from history for a very long time. Instead, Turks, Mongols, Berbers, Persians, and Caucasians have led the destinies of the Islamic world, a domain that had become politically fragmented. But history has overlooked the concrete developments of that time, although they were full of consequences for the lives of the people. Paradoxically, what remains are the spiritual, trans-historic elements: religion, culture, and science.

    Contrasting the achievements of other civilizations, both past and present, Djait demonstrates eloquently that Arabs and Muslims will not be able to connect with the modern world unless they are able to be inspired by a supreme ambition to further the causes of high culture in knowledge, science, art, literature, and other spheres.

    1: Islamic Culture in Crisis; 1: The Muslim World and the Shock of Modernity; 2: The Cultural Crisis in Present-Day Islam; 3: Rationalism and Humanism in Europe and Islam; 4: A Quest for Values in Islam; 2: Meeting Other Cultures; 5: Renaissance, Reforms, and Revolutions in Islam in the Last Century (1880–1980); 6: Japan Advances, the Arabs Lag Behind; 7: Chinese Thought: Another Aspect of Otherness; 3: Culture and Politics in the Arab World; 8: Islam and Politics; 9: Culture and Politics in the Twentieth-Century Arab World; 10: Chances of Democracy in the Arab World; 11: Arab-Islamic Thought and the Enlightenment; 12: The Shock Rebounds: Mutations in the World Seen from the Arab World; 13: The Force of History and Paradoxes of the Present; 4: History, Culture, Religion in the Islamic Maghreb; 14: Cultures and History in the Maghreb; 15: Islam in the Maghreb Today; Conclusion: Where is the Muslim World Going?


    Hichem Djait