1st Edition

Islamic Development Bank

By Meenai Copyright 1989

    This first published study of the Islamic Development Bank charts its progress from the early months to its emergence as one of the leading economic institutions of the Islamic world. Dr Meenai, who played a key role in the foundation of the Bank in 1975 and served as its first Vice President for seven years, outlines the historical evolution of the Bank and reveals the great influence it now exercises on an international scale.

    Chapter 1 Origin of the Bank; Chapter 2 Preparatory Work; Chapter 3 Inauguration of the Bank; Chapter 4 Progress Over the Years; Chapter 5 The Legal Framework; Chapter 6 Policies and Procedures; Chapter 7 Financing Operations; Chapter 8 Loan Financing; Chapter 9 Equity Financing; Chapter 10 Lease Financing; Chapter 11 Technical Assistance; Chapter 12 Foreign Trade Financing; Chapter 13 The Project Cycle; Chapter 14 Operational Policies; Chapter 15 The Least-Developed Member Countries; Chapter 16 Relations with Other Institutions; Chapter 17 Economic Co-operation among Member Countries; Chapter 18 Assistance to Muslim Communities; Chapter 19 Mobilisation of Resources; Chapter 20 Placement of Surplus Funds; Chapter 21 Financial Management; Chapter 22 Organisational Problems and Improvements; Chapter 23 Research and Training; Chapter 24 Conformity to Shariah; Chapter 25 Lessons from the Past and Outlook for the Future;


    S.A Meenai Minister of Finance and National Economy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, H.E. Mohammed Abalkhail