1st Edition

Islamic Prayer Across the Indian Ocean Inside and Outside the Mosque

By Stephen Headley, David Parkin Copyright 2000
    271 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    In its attempt to squash the influence of animism and pantheism or polytheism and to promote the idea of the One and Only Absolute God, Islam has come up against a tendency within itself to incorporate certain local religious traditions and practices. This book shares that combination of universality and local particularity, exploring this paradox and the contradictory tendencies contained in it.

    Acknowledgements, Contributors, Preface, 1 Inside and Outside the Mosque: a Master Trope, 2 Imputations of Faith and Allegiance: Islamic Prayer and Indonesian Politics Outside the Mosque, 3 Islamic and Non-islamic Prayer in Java, 4 Localising Islamic Performances in Mayotte, 5 Swahili and Ism?'?l? Perceptions of Sal?t, 6 Portrait of Seyyid Silima from Zanzibar: Piety and Subversion in Islamic Prayer, 7 Invocation: Salaa, Dua, Sadaka and the Question of Self-determination, 8 Sembah/Salat: The Javanisation of Islamic Prayer; The Islamisation of Javanese Prayer, 9 Afterword: The Mirror in the Mosque, Bibliography, Index


    Stephen Headley, David Parkin

    'This volume has succeeded in capturing a sense of the diversity of Islam while also underlining a common core need, namely, the desire by the faithful to express their worship of God in tangible, coherent means.' - Centre for Islamic Studies Newsletter