1st Edition

Islamic State as a Legal Order To Have No Law but Islam, between Shari’a and Globalization

By Federico Lorenzo Ramaioli Copyright 2022
    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book explores the legal dimension of the Islamic State, an aspect which has hitherto been neglected in the literature.

    ISIS’ dystopian experience, intended as a short-lived territorial and political governance, has been analyzed from multiple points of view, including the geopolitical, social and religious ones. However, its legal dimension has never been properly dealt with in a comprehensive way, assuming as a point of reference both the Islamic and the Western legal tradition. This book analyzes ISIS as the expression of a potential though never fully realized legal order. The book does not describe ISIS’ possible classifications according to the standards and the criteria of international law, such as its possible statehood or proto-statehood, issues that are however touched upon. Rather, it analyzes ISIS’ own legal awareness, based on the group’s literary materials, which show a considerable amount of juridical work. Such material, mainly propagandistic in its nature, is essential in understanding which kind of legal order ISIS aimed at establishing.

    The book will be of interest to students and academics in the fields of Law, International Relations, Political Sciences, Terrorism Studies, Religion and Middle Eastern Studies.

    Introduction: ISIS as the Expression of a Legal Order

    1. About ISIS

    2. About Sharīʿa

    3. Sharīʿa and ISIS

    4. No Law but Islam: A Theory of Exclusivity

    5. No Single Rule Left Out: Integrally Sharīʿa

    6. Voting on God’s Will: Immediateness and Mediation

    7. Striving on the Straight Path: Jihād

    8. A New Land of Islam: Reestablishing the Caliphate

    9. Reinventing Spatiality: A Return to Universalism

    Conclusion: ISIS Between Sharīʿa and Globalization


    Federico Lorenzo Ramaioli is an Italian diplomat and lawyer, presently serving as Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Italian Republic in Doha (Qatar). He already served as Consul of the Italian Republic in Freiburg (Germany). Previously, he cooperated for three years with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan in the fields of philosophy of law and legal methodology. His main publications include monographs and articles in academic journals, mainly dealing with the legal and philosophical perspectives of the Far East and the Muslim world.