1st Edition

Isolation Places and Practices of Exclusion

Edited By Alison Bashford, Carolyn Strange Copyright 2003

    This book examines the coercive and legally sanctioned strategies of exclusion and segregation undertaken over the last two centuries in a wide range of contexts. The political and cultural history of this period raises a number of questions about coercive exclusion. The essays in this collection examine why isolation has been such a persistent strategy in liberal and non-liberal nations, in colonial and post-colonial states and why practices of exclusion proliferated over the modern period, precisely when legal and political concepts of 'freedom' were invented. In addition to offering new perspectives on the continuum of medico-penal sites of isolation from the asylum to the penitentiary, Isolation looks at less well-known sites, from leper villages to refugee camps to Native reserves.

    1. Alison Bashford and Carolyn Strange Isolation and Exclusion in the Modern World: An Introductory Essay Punitive Isolation: Geographies and Subjectivities 2. John Pratt The Disappearance of the Prison: An Episode in the 'Civilising Process' 3. Clare Anderson The Politics of Convict Space: Penal Settlements and the Andaman Islands 4. Ethan Blue Beating the Systems: Prison Music and the Politics of Penal Space 5. Elise Chenier Segregating Sexualities: The Prison Sex Problem in Twentieth-Century Canada Therapeutic and Preventive Isolation 6. Mark Finnane The Ruly and the Unruly: Isolation and Inclusion in the Management of the Insane 7. Susan L. Burns From 'Leper Villages' to Leprosaria: Public Health, Nationalism and the Culture of Exclusion in Modern Japan 8. Kristen Ruggiero Houses of Deposit and the Exclusion of Women in Turn-of-the-Century Argentina 9. Alison Bashford Cultures of Confinement: Tuberculosis, Isolation and the Sanatorium Banishment, Exile and Exclusion 10. Harriet Deacon Patterns of Exclusion on Robben Island, 1654-1992 11. Renisa Mawani Legal Geographies of Aboriginal Segregation in British Columbia: The Making and Unmaking of the Songhees Reserve, 1850-1911 12. Randa Farah Palestinian Refugee Camps: Reinscribing and Contesting Memory and Space 13. Paloma Gay-y-Blasco 'This is Not a Place for Civilised People': Isolation, Enforced Education and Resistance among Spanish Gypsies 14. Carolyn Strange Epilogue


    Carolyn Strange teaches at the Centre of Criminology, University of Toronto. She has published on the history of criminal justice in Canada, the U.S. and Australia. She is the editor of Qualities of Mercy: Justice, Punishment and Discretion (1996). She is the principal investigator on a collaborative project that studies prison history tourism at Alcatraz, Port Arthur and Robben Island.
    Alison Bashford is senior lecturer in the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, University of Sydney. She is author of Purity and Pollution: Gender, Embodiment and Victorian Medicine and Imperial Hygiene: A Critical History of Colonialism, Nationalism and Public Health. She is also co-editor with Claire Hooker of Contagion.