1st Edition

Israel: The First Hundred Years Volume III: Politics and Society since 1948

Edited By Efraim Karsh Copyright 2002

    Since its founding in 1948 Israel has faced many political, social and psychological challenges, unfamiliar to other nations on the western democratic political model and peculiar to the Jewish state. This work covers the role of politics in Israel since 1948.

    Part 1: Problems of collective identity: Israel 1948-98 1. Purpose and predicament in history Moredchai Nisan  2. The fracturing of the Jewish self-image - the end of "we are one"? Judith Elizur  3. The democratic faith in Israel - from worshipping the nation to venerating the individual and the universe Oz Almog  4. Zionism in the Israeli theatre Dan Urian  Part 2: Politics: to fantasy and back again 5. David Ben-Gurion's first resignation, 1953, Yachiam Weitz 6. Labour and Likud - roots of their ideological-political struggle for hegemony over Zionism 1925-1935 Yaacov N. Goldstein 7. Likud and the search for Eretx Israel - from the Bible to the twenty-first century Colin Schindler  8. The delicate framework of Israeli democracy during the 1980s - retrospect and appraisal Raphael Cohen-Almagor 9. State-religion relations in Israel - the subtle issue underlying the Rabin assassination Efraim Ben-Zadok  10. Referenda in a post-consociational society - the case of Israel Dana Arieli-Horowiz  Part 3: Society: Kibbutz or Moshav? 11. Priority changes of settlement types in Israel Dvora Ha-cohen  12. The IDF and the absorption of mass immigration Moshe Gat 13. Public service broadcasting v. public service broadcasting - the crisis in the service as the outcome of the clash between state and civil society - the 1982 Lebanon War Mira Mosha 14. The bank-shares regulation affair and illegalism in Israeli society David de Vries and Yoav Vardi


    Efraim Karsh is Professor and Head of Mediterranean Studies at King's College London, UK