1st Edition

Israel at the Polls 2003

Edited By M. Ben Mollov, Jonathan Rynhold, Shmuel Sandler Copyright 2005

    Israel's 2003 election took place against the background of a deteriorating security situation (due to Palestinian violence and the impending US War in Iraq) and severe disillusionment with the Oslo peace process. The election, which brought about a decisive victory of the Likud Party and Ariel Sharon, took place amidst strong accusations of corruption and the virtual collapse of the Israeli left. The election also featured the rise of the anti-clerical Shinui party, which resulted in the exclusion of the ultra-Orthodox parties from the new coalition. In this volume, leading Israeli political scientists explore the main actors and processes that shaped the election and its outcome.

    This book was previously published as a special issue of the journal Israel Affairs.

    Part 1: The Actors and Camps  1. Introduction  2. The National Camp 3 . The Israeli Left  4. Shinui and the Protest Vote  5. The Religious Parties  6. The Arab Vote  7. The Russian Vote  Part 2: Issues and Dynamics  8. Security and Foreign Policy  9. External Influences  10. The Media  11. The New Media  12. The Construction of Illusion: The Ambivalence of Israeli Public Opinion about Government


    Shmuel Sandler, M. Ben Mollov, Jonathan Rynhold