The 2006 elections constitute a major redrawing of the political map in Israel due to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s exit from the Likud party and his creation of a new centre party, Kadima. Following Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, Sharon formed Kadima taking many former Likud MKs, and prominent members of the Labour party with him.

    Focusing particularly on the various political parties, the election campaign in the media and the main issues at stake in the election including: foreign and defence policies, social and economic issues, as well as, the issue of corruption, this book examines the impact of this reorganization of the political map. The impact of events in the Palestinian Authority and other external factors are also discussed, as well as the challenges for the new government, in the wake of the election results.

    This book was previously published as a special issue of Israel Affairs.

    Introductory Essay  1. A Pre-Campaign Survey  Participants/Actors  2. Kadima and the Centre  3. The Likud  4. Labour and the Left  5. NRP & Religious Zionism  6. The Russian Olim  7. The Arab Sector  8. The Far Right & SHAS  The External Dimension  9. Peace & Security  10. External Powers Influence  11. The Diaspora  Issues  12. Economic & Social Issues  13. The Media  14. Corruption  15. Electoral Reform  


    Sandler, Shmeul; Gerstenfeld, Manfred; Rynhold, Jonathan