1st Edition

Issues in the Ecological Study of Learning

Edited By T. D. Johnston, A. T. Pietrewicz Copyright 1985
    464 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1985. This volume is based on a symposium, also titled Issues in the Ecological Study of Learning, that was held at the 1981 meeting of the Animal Behavior Society in Knoxville, Tennessee.

    List of Contributors, Preface, Introduction: Conceptual Issues in the Ecological Study of Learning, I. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND AND METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES, 1. Historical Notes on the Biology of Learning, 2. Anagenesis: Theoretical Basis for the Ecological Void in Comparative Psychology, 3. Methodological Issues in the Ecological Study of Learning, II. THE ECOLOGY OF LEARNING: EMPIRICAL RESEARCH, 4. Learning to Forage: An Ecological Pt>rspective, 5. Taste-Aversion Learning in Ecological Perspective, 6. Social Learning in Wild Norway Rats, 7. Restraints on Ground Squirrel Antipredator Behavior: Adjustments over Multiple Time Scales, 8. An Ecological Approach to Development of Spatial Orientation, 9. Learning by Performing: An Ecological Theme for the Study of Vocal Learning, III. THE ECOLOGY OF LEARNING: THEORETICAL PROBLEMS, 10. How to Draw Learning Curves: Their Use and Justification, 11. Learning and the Description of the Environment, 12. The Environmental Dimensions that Influence Behavior, 13. An Ecological Approach to the Evolution of Behavior, IV. ALTERNATIVES TO THE ECOLOGICAL APPROACH, 14. The Slaying of Goliath: What Happened to Reinforcement Theory, 15. The General Process Approach to Animal Learning, Author Index, Subject Index


    Timothy D. Johnston University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Alexandra T. Pietrewicz Developmental Learning Center Fort Pierce, Florida.