1st Edition

It's All Analytics - Part II Designing an Integrated AI, Analytics, and Data Science Architecture for Your Organization

By Scott Burk, David Sweenor, Gary Miner Copyright 2022
    296 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    296 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    296 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Up to 70% and even more of corporate Analytics Efforts fail!!! Even after these corporations have made very large investments, in time, talent, and money, in developing what they thought were good data and analytics programs. Why? Because the executives and decision makers and the entire analytics team have not considered the most important aspect of making these analytics efforts successful. In this Book II of "It’s All Analytics!" series, we describe two primary things: 1) What this "most important aspect" consists of, and 2) How to get this "most important aspect" at the center of the analytics effort and thus make your analytics program successful.

    This Book II in the series is divided into three main parts:

    Part I, Organizational Design for Success, discusses ……. The need for a complete company / organizational Alignment of the entire company and its analytics team for making its analytics successful. This means attention to the culture – the company culture culture!!! To be successful, the CEO’s and Decision Makers of a company / organization must be fully cognizant of the cultural focus on ‘establishing a center of excellence in analytics’. Simply, "culture – company culture" is the most important aspect of a successful analytics program. The focus must be on innovation, as this is needed by the analytics team to develop successful algorithms that will lead to greater company efficiency and increased profits.

    Part II, Data Design for Success, discusses ….. Data is the cornerstone of success with analytics. You can have the best analytics algorithms and models available, but if you do not have good data, efforts will at best be mediocre if not a complete failure. This Part II also goes further into data with descriptions of things like Volatile Data Memory Storage and Non-Volatile Data Memory Storage, in addition to things like data structures and data formats, plus considering things like Cluster Computing, Data Swamps, Muddy Data, Data Marts, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Data Reservoirs, and Analytic Sandboxes, and additionally Data Virtualization, Curated Data, Purchased Data, Nascent & Future Data, Supplemental Data, Meaningful Data, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) & Geo Analytics Data, Graph Databases, and Time Series Databases. Part II also considers Data Governance including Data Integrity, Data Security, Data Consistency, Data Confidence, Data Leakage, Data Distribution, and Data Literacy.

    Part III, Analytics Technology Design for Success, discusses …. Analytics Maturity and aspects of this maturity, like Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Preparation, Feature Engineering, Building Models, Model Evaluation, Model Selection, and Model Deployment. Part III also goes into the nuts and bolts of modern predictive analytics, discussing such terms as AI = Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and the more traditional aspects of analytics that feed into modern analytics like Statistics, Forecasting, Optimization, and Simulation. Part III also goes into how to Communicate and Act upon Analytics, which includes building a successful Analytics Culture within your company / organization.

    All-in-all, if your company or organization needs to be successful using analytics, this book will give you the basics of what you need to know to make it happen.

    Part 1: Designing for Organizational Success

    Chapter 1: Some Say it Starts with Data, It Doesn’t

    Chapter 2: The Anatomy of a Business Decision

    Chapter 3: Trustworthy AI

    Part 2: Designing for Data Success

    Chapter 4: Data Design for Success

    Chapter 5: Data in Motion, Data Pipes, APIs, Microservices, Streaming, Events and More

    Chapter 6: Data Stores, Warehouses, Big Data, Lakes and Cloud Data

    Chapter 7: Data Virtualization

    Chapter 8: Data Governance and Data Management

    Chapter 9: Miscellanea – Curated, Purchased, Nascent and Future Data

    Part 3: Designing for Analytics Success

    Chapter 10: Technology to Create Analytics

    Chapter 11: Technology to Communicate and Act Upon Analytics

    Chapter 12: To Build, Buy, or Outsource Analytics Platform


    Scott Burk, David Sweenor, Gary Miner

    "I started to count the assertions in this book with which I wholeheartedly agree, and there were so many I ran out of patience. Analytics are at the core of data science and AI and establishing an integrated support organization for them makes perfect sense. So do the people and process-related steps the authors recommend. Buy and read this book and do what it says to do. You have nothing to lose but your organization’s bad decisions!"

    Thomas H. Davenport
    Distinguished Professor, Babson College
    Visiting Professor, Oxford Saïd Business School
    Research Fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy
    Author of Competing on Analytics and The AI Advantage


    "It’s All Analytics – Part I provides a rich context on AI, data science, analytics, Part II takes it to the next level and shows how to transform smart solutions to tremendous value for the business, and more importantly, how to do it in the right way.

    As authors pointed out, a large percentage of corporate analytics efforts failed. This is not due to short of analytics talent, or lack of technology investment. The success requires a lot more – people and process, senior leadership commitment, re-organization, culture of innovation, to name a few.

    I am thrilled that Scott, David, and Gary continue to share their years of experience in Part II, and truly believe that it could not only help business executives save hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, but also achieve billions of dollars of value to the business and shareholders.

    It’s All Analytics – Part II continues to be a fun read with many practical examples and thought exercises and explains complex concepts in simple language. It’s an incredible piece of work. If any business has the ambition to be smarter and stronger in the digital era, this is a must read for all its executives."

    Xingchu Liu, Ph.D.
    Senior Vice President, Enterprise Data & Analytics

    "I found the secret sauce in Scott Burk's new book It's All Analytics.  I have found that every business stakeholder with whom I have engaged intrinsically understands the decisions that they need to make; they make them every day or every week.  They also intrinsically understand the value of those decisions and - with a little help - can quickly attribute value to improving the effectiveness of those decisions.  

    Chapter 2 ‘The Anatomy of a Business Decision’ does a marvelous job of articulating the importance of not only identifying and understanding the value of those key decisions, but also highlights how those key decisions provide a natural linkage between the business and data science teams. Powerful concept in its simplicity."

    Bill Schmarzo
    Author, Professor, Data Monetization Consultant, and
    Dean of Big Data


    "Analytics, whether it be in the form of data science, business intelligence, machine learning, or any other new and exciting application that's under development, is transforming the world at a speed unprecedented in human history. Most businesses know this, and understand that embracing this change is not just a competitive advantage, but a requirement to remain competitive. However, many businesses don't know how to do this, and make the mistake of thinking that if they hire some data scientists and buy some data tools that this will solve their problem. This is a recipe for failure, and potentially quite expensive failure. Data scientists and data tools are components of implementing change in how a business works, and without an understanding of these changes and a plan for how they will be implemented, the data scientists and data tools will do no good.

    While there are many books and resources on both the concepts and the tools for data science, there aren't many books on how to make them work within a business. This book by Burk, Sweenor, and Miner fills this critical gap. Here, they walk through what organizations need to do, yesterday, to transition into an analytics first business, in terms of organizational, data, and analytics technology design. If you're in a business that wants to start this transition, or is struggling to make it happen, then you need to read this book and follow what it says. It's no exaggeration to say the future of your business depends on it."

    Dylan Zwick, Ph.D.
    Former Director of Data Science


    "There are a great many books that have been written about Analytics that focus on the technical side of the equation. We are now seeing more books that are focusing on the organizational and process side of the Analytics environment. And we are seeing more and more books written about how Analytics Teams should be organized and managed. All of these areas of focus are warranted and are helping practitioners, students, academics, researchers and others who are interested in the field to gain a more holistic view of how the Analytics field is rapidly evolving, growing and changing.

    This new book is a unique combination of data, process, technology, organizational approaches and more. If you are seeking an overview of what you need to know about data and analytics, this book is a great place to start. I speak with a number of people who want to find a way to join the field, either as students about to leave university and begin their careers, or people who want to make a change in their career paths or those that have left the workforce and are now ready to rejoin the day to day working world. For all of those people with all those varied viewpoints and perspectives, this book is a good place to start your journey."

    John Thompson
    Global Head, Advanced Analytics and AI
    CSL Behring


    "This book on the Its All Analytics - Part 2 is particularly appropriate at this time.  We stand at the juncture of a new revolution in business – Rise of the Business Ecosystem driven by analytics.  The biggest challenge we face getting there is not technical but organizational.  This book defines the pathway to get there."

    Robert Nisbet, Ph.D.
    Consulting Data Miner
    Goleta (Santa Barbara), California