1st Edition

J.S. Mill Critical Assessments

    by Routledge

    First published in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

    VOLUME 1


    General Commentary

    Appendix: Chronological Table of Reprinted Articles



    1. John Stuart Mill and Mrs. Taylor S. E. Henshaw

    2. The Economics of John Stuart Mill J. Bonar

    3. John Stuart Mill's Attitude Toward Neo-Malthusianism N. E. Himes

    4. John Stuart Mill, the Reformer, 1806-1873 J. Bonar

    5. John Stuart Mill, Pioneer of Democratic Liberalism in England J. S. Schapiro

    6. J. S. Mill and J. E. Cairnes G. O'Brien

    7. The 'Mental Crisis' of John Stuart Mill A. W. Levi

    8. Utility and Radicalism, 1825-1837: A Note on the Mill-Roebuck Friendship F. E. Hyde

    9. Bentham and J. S. Mill: The Utilitarian Background J. Viner

    10. The Writing of Mill's Autobiography A. W. Levi

    11. William Whewell and John Stuart Mill: Their Controversy about Scientific Knowledge E. W. Strong

    12. J. S. Mill on Democracy, 1829-1861 J. H Burns

    13. J. S. Mill and the Definition of Freedom J. P. Scanlan

    14. A Re-reading of Mill on Liberty J. C. Rees

    15. John Stuart Mill and the Working-out of Empiricism J. H. Randall

    16. Was Mill for Liberty? J. C. Rees

    17. A New Exploration of Mill's Essay On Liberty R. B. Friedman

    18. Some Recent Interpreations of John Stuart Mill R. J. Halliday

    20. Mill and Liberty C. L. Ten

    21. J. S. Mill on Alternative Economic Systems D. L. Losman

    22. J. S. Mill's Political Philosophy of Mind M. Hollis

    23. Mill on Liberty and Morality D. G. Brown

    24. Mill and Cairnes and the Emergence of Marginalism in England N. B. de Marchi

     25. John Stuart Mill and the Limits of State Action R Wollheim

    26. Comte, Mill and Cairnes: The Positivist-Empiricist Interlude in Late Classical Economics R. B. Ekelund and E. S. Olsen

    27. The Worth of J. S. Mill On Liberty T. Honderich

    28. John Stuart Mill's Methodology J. K. Whitaker

    29. Mill's Principle of Liberty G. L. Williams

    30. Mill's Notion of Social Responsibility P.R. Struhl

    31. Mill on Harm to Others' Interests D. G. Brown

    32. Mill's Conception of Individuality R. F. Ladenson

    33. The Logic of J. S. Mill on Freedom G. W. Smith

    34. J. S. Mill on Edger and Reville: An Episode in the Development of Mill's Conception of Freedom G. W. Smith

    35. William Whewell and John Stuart Mill on the Methodology of Political Economy S. Hollander

    36. 'Dynamic Equilibrium' with Constand Wages: J. S. Mill's Malthusian Analysis of the Secular Wage Path S. Hollander


    SECTION TWO: J. S. Mill's Principles of Political Economy


    37. Principles of Political Economy W. Bagehot

    38. Mill, the Principles of Political Economy N. W Senior

    39. Variations in the Editions of J. S. Mill's Principles of Political Economy M. A. Ellis

    40. Rent and Price: 'Alternative Use' and 'Scarcity Value' L. H. Haney

    41. John Stuart Mill's Principles: A Centernary Estimate V. W. Bladen

    42. On the Possibility of Optimum (Unique) Equilibrium in Mill's Reciprocal Demand T. N. Dhar

    43. The Success of J. S. Mill's Principles N. B. de Marchi

    44. A Note on Mill's Theory of International Values A. J. Dalal

    45. A Reconsideration of hte Additions to Mill's 'Great Chapter' D. R. Appleyard and J. C. Ingram

    46. Mill's 'Superstructure': How Well Does It Stand Up? J. S. Chipman

    47. Further Thoughts on Mill's 'Great Chapter': A Reply D. R Appleyard and J. C. Ingram

    48. John Stuart Mill on Value G. de Vivo





    49. Mill on Machinery J. E. LeRossignol

    50. John Stuart Mill and the Law of Markets B. A. Balassa

    51. Mill and the Law of Markets: Comment L. C. Hunter

    52. Mill on Freedom and Voluntary Association A. L. Harris

    53. Technology and Aggregate Demand in J. S. Mill's Economic System S. Hollander

    54. The Empirical Content and Longevity of Ricardian Economics  N. B. de Marchi

    55. The Money Supply Theory of J. S. Mill T. Havrilesky

    56. Population and Mill's Peasant-Proprietor Economy W. C. Bush

    57. A Short-run Classical Model of Capital and Wages: Mill's Recantation of the Wages Fund R. B. Ekelund

    58. The New Political Economy of J. S. Mill: the Means to Social Justice R. B. Ekelund and R. D. Tollison

    59. J. S. Mill's New Political Economy: Another View R. B. Ekelund and R. D. Tollison

    60. J. S. Mill's Redistribution Policy: New Political Economy or Old? E. G. West

    61. J. S. Mill, Unions, and the Wages Fund Recantation: A Reinterpreation E. G. West and R. W. Hafer

    62.  J. S. Mill, Unions, and the Wages Fund Recantation: A Reinterpreation - Comment R. B. Ekelund and W. F. Kordsmeier

    63.  J. S. Mill, Unions, and the Wages Fund Recantation: A Reinterpreation - Reply E. G. West and R. W. Hafer

    64. Mill on Proprietorship, Productivity, and Population: A Theoretical Reappraisal M. E. Bradley

    65. Mill's Recantation Once Again: Reply to Professor Negishi R. B. Ekelund



    66. John Stuart Mill and the London and Westminster Review C. Towers

    67. The Place of John Stuart Mill and of Robert Owen in the History of English Neo-Malthusianism N. E. Himes

    68. J. S. Mill's Correspondance F. A. Hayek

    69. John Stuart Mill and the Saint Simonians J. R. Hainds

    70. The Centenary of Marx and Mill V. W. Bladen

    71. John Stuart Mill and Marxian Socialism L. S. Feuer

    72. Comment J. S. Schapiro

    73. John Stuart Mill's Visit to Wordsworth, 1831 A. J. Mill

    74. The Earliest Use of the Term 'Social Science' P. R. Senn

    75. Packe on Mill L. Robbins

    76. John Stuart Mill: Letters on the French Revolution of 1830 F. E. Mineka

    77. Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill B. A. Balassa

    78. Mill and Cairnes on the Rate of Interest L. C. Hunter

    79. J. S. Mill and the Term 'Social Science' J. H. Burns

    80. Further Remarks About Early Use of the Term 'Social Science' G. C. Iggers

    81. J. S. Mill on Monopology and Socialism: A Note A. L. Harris

    82. John Stuart Mill's Theory of International Relations K. E. Miller

    83. The Religious Thought of John Stuart Mill: A Study in Reluctant Scepticism R.Carr

    84. John Stuart Mill: Servant of hte East India Company A. L. Harris

    85. Similarities in the Work of John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx B. Shoul

    86. John Stuart Mill and Laissez Faire: London Water P. Schwartz

    87. Sir John Herschel's Marginal Notes on Mill's On Liberty, 1859 S. Ross

    88. Mill and Comte on the Methods of Social Science D. Lewishohn

    89. John Stuart Mill: The Subjection of Women: An Analysis A. Tatalovich

    90. Poetry, Pushpin and Utility M. Bronfenbrenner

    91. Keynes's Misquotation of Mill J. R. Davis and F. J. Casey

    92. Keyne's Misquotation of Mill: Comment D.  Patinkin

    93. The Theory of Small Enterprise: Smith, Mill, Marshall, and Marx J. D. Phillips

    94. Keyne's Misquotation of Mill: Further Comment J. R. Davis

    95. On Keyne's Quotations from Mill: A Note P. Bridel

    96. Liberty and the Higher Pleasures: In Defense of Mill M. S. McPherson

    97. Liberty and the Higher Pleasures: Reply M. Bronfenbrenner

    98. John Stuart Mill and the French Revolution J. Coleman

    99. John Stuart Mill on Colonies and Colonisation R. N. Ghosh