1st Edition

Japan-British Exhibition 1910 (ES 6-vol. set)

Edited By Masaie Matsumura Copyright 2012
    by Edition Synapse

    *This Edition Synapse collection is now available outside Japan from Routledge. It brings together primary-source materials on the Japan–British Exhibition of 1910 held at London's Shepherd’s Bush from 14 May to 29 October 1910. It was the largest international exposition that the Empire of Japan had participated in to date, and was driven by a desire in Japan to develop a more favourable public image in Great Britain following the renewal of the Anglo–Japanese Alliance. It was also hoped that the display of manufactured products would lead to increased trade with Britain.

    *The lavishly illustrated collection brings together eleven publications, including various guidebooks, illustrated catalogues of exhibited Japanese fine arts, the official report, a collected volume of articles from The Times, and miscellaneous publications and souvenir books published on the occasion of the Exhibition. All the carefully collated works are reprinted as facsimiles of the originals.

    Vol.1: (c. 630 pp.)

    Japan-British Exhibition, 1910, Shepherd's Bush London, Official Guide, 2nd ed. revised.,London: The Japan-British Exhibition British Commission, 1910, c. 185 pp. (fold maps & numerous plates, some in colour)

    Japan-British Exhibition, 1910, Shepherd's Bush, London, Official Catalogue, 3rd ed.,London: The Japan-British Exhibition British Commission / Bemrose & Sons, 1910, c. 342 pp.

    Imperial Geological Survey of Japan: with a Catalogue of Articles exhibited at the Japan-British Exhibition held at London, England in 1910,Tokyo: Imperial Geological Survey, 1910, c. 102 pp. c. 102 pp. (fold maps)

    Vol.2: (c. 600 pp.)

    An Illustrated Catalogue of Japanese Old Fine Arts displayed at the Japan-British Exhibition, London, 1910, Tokyo: The Shimbi Shoin, 1910, c. 255 pp. (numerous plates)

    An Illustrated Catalogue of Japanese Modern Fine Arts displayed at the Japan-British Exhibition, London, 1910, Tokyo: The Shimbi Shoin, 1910, c. 181 pp. (numerous plates)

    Kyoto, [Handbook] issued by Kyoto's Exhibitors' Association to the Japan-British Exhibition 1910, Kyoto Exhibitors' Association, 1910, c. 160 pp. (plates some in colour)

    Vol.3: (c. 560 pp.)

    Official Report of the Japan British Exhibition, 1910, at the Great White City, Shepherd's Bush, London, London: Printed by Unwin Brothers, 1911, c. 559 pp. (numerous illustrations and a fold map)

    Vol.4: (c. 445 pp.)

    The Japanese Empire: A Reprint of the Times Japanese Edition, July 19, 1910, London: J.P. Bland, 1910, c. 445 pp. (fold maps & numerous plates)

    Vol.5: (c. 349 pp.)

    The World's Work, June 1910, a Japanese Number (The Alliance and the Empire / The Manchurian Railway / The Japan-British Exhibition), London: William Heineman, 1910, c. 110 pp. (plates)

    Japan Alliance Exhibitional: to promote Anglo-Japanese Commerce, Yokohama: Japan Gazette, 1910,

    c. 239 pp. (fold map & numerous plates, some in colour)

    Vol.6: (c. 892 pp.)

    Japan To-day; a Souvenir of the Anglo-Japanese Exhibition held in London 1910 , (a Special Number of the "Japan Financial and Economic Monthly"), by Kotaro Mochizuki., Tokyo: "The Liberal News Agency", 1910,

    c. 892 pp (fold map & numerous plates, some in colour)