1st Edition

Japan Under Taisho Tenno 1912-1926

By A Young Copyright 1928
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    348 Pages
    by Routledge

    A journalist on the Japan Chronicle for eleven years this volume examines the history, economy, politics and society of Japan from just before the First World War until 1926. Japan’s relations with the West, as well as with Russia and China are also discussed.


    1. An End and a Beginning  2. Katsura and the Mob  3. The Korean Conspiracy  4. Yamamoto and the Naval Scandals  5. Japan on the Eve of the Great War  6. The Outbreak of the Great War  7. The Making of Emperors  8. Japan’s Reactions to the Great War 9. Terauchi and his China Policy  10. Effect of America Entering the War  11.War Prosperity in Japan  12. The Hara Government and Intervention in Siberia  13.The Kochak Adventure 14. Social Developments After the War  15.The Independence Movement in Korea  16. Japan and the Peace of Versailles  17. Strikes, Trade Unions and Patriotic Societies 18. The Emperor  19. The Massacre at Nikolaevsk  20. Shantung and the Consortium  21. The Hunchung Rising  22. A Strange Religion  23. Morphia Replaces Opium  24. The Anglo-Japanese Alliance  25. The Patriotic Cult  26. The Great Dockyard Strikes  27. A Crop of Scandals  28. The Murder of the Premier  29. The Washington Conference  30. Sitting Tight in Siberia  31. The End of the Siberian Adventure  32. Dissensions in All Quarters 33. The Old and the New  34. The Great Earthquake  35. The Highest and the Lowest in the Land  36.  A Better Chinese Policy  37. Three Remarkable Trials  38. Policies at Home and Abroad  39. A Stormy Close to a Short Era  40. The Taisho Tenno


    A Young