1st Edition

Japan and China
The Meeting of Asia's Economic Giants

ISBN 9780789004178
Published July 1, 1998 by Routledge
140 Pages

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Book Description

Japan and China: The Meeting of Asia’s Two Economic Giants analyzes the new and changing relationship between the two nations and the rest of the world that may shape a new economic landscape for Asia in the 21st century. Managers and employees of multinational firms, as well as students interested in international business, will learn about the cultural ties between the two countries and how traditions have shaped management methods and work ethics. Understanding the cultures and traditions of each country will help you improve business relations with Japanese or Chinese firms. It will also help you compete with these firms in the international business arena.

Japan and China: The Meeting of Asia’s Two Economic Giants is based on an extensive survey of current literature, personal observations, and case studies researched by the author. Containing first-hand information on the interworkings of old and new Japanese and Chinese business practices, this book unveils some of the myths behind Japanese-style management and Chinese business methods. In light of increased cooperation between the nations, Japan and China: The Meeting of Asia’s Two Economic Giants discusses some of the barriers to business between the two countries and what effects these barriers can have individually on China, Japan, and other nations. In addition, the text contains suggestions for further improvement of business relations between China and Japan by examining:

  • China’s current drive to learn and adapt some of the West’s modern management knowledge and technology and to re-examine ancient military strategies relating to business
  • ways to improve working relations between Japanese managers and Chinese workers
  • how to make Japanese-style Human Resource Management (HRM) understandable to other countries
  • the effect that disappearing Japanese style management practices, such as lifetime employment and seniority-based promotion/pay systems, have on Japanese businesses
  • societal differences that add difficulty to business relations between China and Japan

    Featuring unique, first-hand accounts and insights into Japanese and Chinese business practices, Japan and China: The Meeting of Asia’s Two Economic Giants will keep you informed of the changing world of international business as it approaches the 21st century.

Table of Contents

Contents Preface

  • Acknowledgments
  • China and Japan
  • Asia on the Move
  • Superpower in the Making
  • Superpower in Trouble
  • Japan’s Move into China
  • Focus on Asia
  • Investing in China
  • Strategies for China Business
  • China--Catching Up on Lost Time
  • China’s Management Tradition
  • Glimpse of Chinese Management Today
  • Deng Xiaoping’s Management Reform
  • Managing China Business
  • Land of Many Promises
  • Chinese Workers Under Japanese Management
  • Transfer of Management toChina
  • Japan at the Crossroads
  • Ugly Japanese
  • Japan’s Cultural Roots
  • Old Japan, New Japan
  • Meeting of Two Giants
  • Lessons from America
  • Japan and China in the Twenty-First Century
  • Alliance or Rivalry?
  • References
  • Selected Readings
  • Index

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