1st Edition

Japan and China in the World Political Economy

Edited By Saadia Pekkanen, Kellee Tsai Copyright 2006
    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    Two powers in East Asia today stand to define the region's economic and commercial future: Japan, which rose in a spectacular industrial burst to become at present the world's second largest economy; and China, which is rapidly advancing towards a market economy under the watchful eye of the world.

    While much has been made of Japan and China’s particular economic institutions and developmental paths, few works analyze them in a comparative framework. Including contributions from leading academics, the text focuses on the period from the 1980s to the onset of the 2000s, reviewing the experiences of Japan and China across the areas of development, trade, investment, finance and technology. Drawing on a combination of official documents, economic statistics, case studies and original fieldwork, this book will give political scientists, political economists, business concerns, and policy analysts a firmer grasp of the role Japan and China stand to play in the world political economy.

    Patterns of Late Development and the Origins of Late Liberalization Ezra F. Vogel Introduction  Late Liberalizers: Comparative Perspectives on Japan and China Saadia M. Pekkanen and Kellee S. Tsai  Development  Revisiting the Japanese Economic Model T. J. Pempel  Developmental Dilemmas in China: Socialist Transition and Late Liberalization Kellee S. Tsai and Sarah Cook Trade The Legal Evolution of Japan’s Trade Liberalization Politics Saadia M. Pekkanen The Institutional, Political, and Global Foundations of China’s Trade Liberalization Margaret Pearson  Investment From Iron Doors to Paper Screens? The Japanese State and Multinational Investment Mireya Solis  A Catch-up Strategy? China's Policy Toward Foreign Direct Investment Yi-feng Tao Finance Japanese Financial Politics: Institutional Challenges Toward and Against Liberalization Saori Katada  Supporting Sunset Industries: The Financial System in China's Economic Development Kaja Sehrt  Technology Japan's Technology Policies and Their Limitations  Marie Anchordoguy  Chinese Technonationalism: Autonomy and Security in the World Economy Adam Segal


    Saadia M. Pekkanen is Job and Gertrud Tamaki Professor, Jackson School of International Studies; and Adjunct Professor at the School of Law, University of Washington, USA.

    Kellee Tsai is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University, USA.

    'This book provides an excellent comparative introduction to the international political economy of the two countries, particularly useful for teaching about East Asia because of its firm historical focus in each of the cases. In the one place, we get both well-rounded historical overviews of a number of major policy issues and an introduction to the current state of play' - Stephan Haggard, The China Journal, January 2008